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Baker-Berry Signage Guidelines

The Dartmouth Libraries supports advertising by our community in our spaces in the following ways.

Fliers and printed signs

  • Printed signs and fliers are permitted on the Novack Cafe bulletin boards with approval from Dartmouth Dining Services.
  • Signs for promotions in conjunction with library events may be permitted if approved by library staff and displayed in acrylic sign holders or sign stanchions.
  • Signs should not be affixed to walls and other surfaces. Please contact the circulation desk to submit a request to display signage.
  • Other posted signs will be removed by Custodial or Access Services staff.

Digital signage

Departments and programs located in the Baker-Berry Library or those partnering with the Dartmouth Libraries on events may request to display content on the digital screens. Please send an email to libtech-help@dartmouth.edu with a jpeg or powerpoint slide (1920X1080 resolution) along with a description of what the slide is advertising and the duration of display.

Student displays

Berry South (the Southwest corner of Berry Main Street) has a dedicated space for student displays. Guidelines to request to use the space are available. For any questions about exhibits, please contact Laura Barrett, Head of Teaching and Learning.

Dartmouth publications

Official Dartmouth publications may be displayed at the Information Desks. Student group and non-Dartmouth publications, etc. will be distributed on the tables in Novack.


Promotional content should not violate the Dartmouth Standards of Conduct or other campus policies. The Dartmouth Libraries reserves the right to refuse a request.