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Consulting Services 2006 Annual Survey Results

Peter Kiewit Computing Services recently completed its second annual Consulting Services' survey. The survey sought input from faculty, staff, and students to determine the campus’ satisfaction with support provided by the consulting group and from that, to help us look for areas that need improvement.

When the survey was done last year we requested input from faculty and staff. For this year’s survey, the scope of the survey was increased to include students.

The survey consisted of seven questions. The questions were consistent with the questions that have been asked in the previous year and relate to satisfaction and responsiveness.

Overview of Respondents

People taking the survey were asked to identify what group they belonged to. The respondents included 7 faculty, 47 staff, 6 students, and 1 “other.”

When asked to respond to the statement, “I am generally satisfied with the services provided by the Help Desk,” on a scale where 1 equates to strongly disagree and 5 equates to strongly agree, faculty, staff, and students gave the consultants an average rating of 4.22. When including only faculty and staff, responses in this rating (to compare the same as last year when no students responded) gave a rating of 4.26, which is the same as last year’s survey. In addition, when asked to respond to the statement, “Help Desk staff members exhibit a customer-oriented ,” more than 89% of those answering either agreed or strongly agreed with this statement. These ratings speak very highly of the staff in the Consulting group and their commitment to the people they serve.

Average Responses



I am generally satisfied with the services provided by the Help Desk.



The Help Desk staff members are responsive.



Help Desk staff members exhibit a customer-oriented attitude.



Help Desk staff members are technically competent.



When I need to get technology help, it's easy to get in touch with someone.



I am satisfied with the speed of response that I receive from the Help Desk.



I can usually find the campus technology information I'm looking for on the Web or in printed materials that are available.



Last Updated: 12/10/15