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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Table of Contents

     Overview and Timeline (current page)
     Strategic Initiatives Report
     Community Engagement


Since 2015, Dartmouth has made several intentional commitments toward creating a more inclusive community for students, faculty, and staff. We now have an opportunity to build on these initiatives to realize even more transformational change. In July 2021, Dr. Shontay Delalue was appointed as Dartmouth College's inaugural Senior Vice President and Senior Diversity Officer overseeing the reimagined Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (IDE). Dr. Delalue was charged by President Hanlon with assessing, planning, and implementing Dartmouth’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, and overseeing compliance related to civil rights. 

As Dr. Delalue continues to learn more about the work the campus community is engaging in at the school, division and department levels, as well as through student and alumni groups, it has become clear that Dartmouth needs one unified institutional strategy that can provide a focused vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion. DEI strategic plans should be tied to goals and aided by an accountability structure utilizing metrics established while plans are in development. As we embark on the strategic planning process, we must recognize that future success will depend on our ability to focus on a specific set of concrete, measurable actions that will have a lasting impact. This work will build on the actions implemented through Moving Dartmouth Forward (MDF), Inclusive Excellence (IE), and the Campus Climate and Culture Initiative (C3I).

Dr. Delalue and the IDE team look forward to leading these discussions in the coming months and to partnering across the institution to ensure that we develop a campus culture that is welcoming and inclusive, allowing all members of our community to thrive. 

Dartmouth needs one unified institutional strategy that can provide a focused vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Read the strategic initiatives report

Strategic Plan Development Timeline

Summer 2021 and Fall 2021
Fall 2021 and Winter 2022
  • Review Past Initiatives - Following an initial review of past campus initiatives, IDE staff conducted strategy debriefs with campus leadership to understand their progress under MDF, IE and C3I. 
Winter 2022
  • Issue Strategic Initiatives Report - After meeting with divisional leaders across campus, IDE issued one summary report detailing progress for MDF, IE, and C3I. The report includes recommendations for the future of each of the three initiatives.
Spring 2022
  • Engage the Community - IDE will host dialogue sessions with campus stakeholders including students, staff, faculty, and alumni. Individuals and groups will have the opportunity to engage with proposed DEI priorities and offer feedback.
  • Develop DEI Framework - The goals and priorities identified by the community will be reconciled by IDE with evidence-based practices and strategies, resulting in one proposed DEI framework for the entire campus.
Summer 2022
  • Finalize DEI Strategy - Following community engagement and dialogue, IDE will solidify the DEI strategy. Changes to the framework will incorporate the feedback and ideas generated through campus engagement.
Fall 2022
  • Launch DEI Strategic Plan - Following this year long process, Dartmouth's DEI strategic plan will be launched. IDE will convene the community to present the final plan and invite individuals, offices, and organizations to reflect on their role in ensuring its success.
Fall 2022 and Onwards
  • Facilitate Plan Implementation - The launch of Dartmouth's DEI strategic plan represents the beginning of our collective work. IDE will support divisions across campus as they align their work with the institutional plan, begin implementation, and regularly measure their progress.

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Looking Forward - Spring 2022

On February 11th IDE published the Strategic Initiatives Report. This report represents a first step in the process of developing a new DEI strategic plan: assessing progress on the current initiatives to date.

Looking forward, we will be launching a series of community engagement meetings in the spring 2022 term to gather input from various constituents within the Dartmouth community in the development of our new institutional DEI strategic plan. 
These conversations will be used to inform the final plan that we intend to release in the fall 2022 term. We will post session details on our website and announce them via Vox Daily and divisional/school communication channels.


Please contact us at IDE@Dartmouth.edu or 603.646.1606