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The Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity (IDE) works with divisional leaders, academic deans, and the office of Human Resources to make certain that recruitment and hiring are conducted in a manner that is consistent with equal opportunity and affirmative action laws and regulations and Dartmouth's institutional mission with regard to diversity.

Our Campus & Community Resource Guide (CCRG) provides information on and contact information for various community resources in the Upper Valley for prospective and new employees.

For Exempt Recruitment

The role of IDE is to provide hiring managers with information about the availability of women and minorities in the labor market. This information is made available to hiring managers by job group and can be used as a tool to assess the composition of the applicant pool during the search process. IDE also identifies institutional problem areas as well as divisional challenges for each job group to assist hiring managers' efforts to contribute to meeting Dartmouth's hiring goals. Additionally, IDE periodically provides information to departmental and divisional leaders about Dartmouth's effectiveness with regard to Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action in recruitment and hiring.

IDE also shares information that helps hiring managers identify publications, websites and other networks that have proven to be useful in developing diverse candidate pools.

In the exempt recruitment process, Human Resources manages the transactional aspects of searches, such as job postings and receiving applications. If you are about to begin a new search for a staff position, first contact your HR consultant.

Enhancing Staff Recruiting: Select Exempt Positions Search and Waiver Process

The Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity serves as a resource for hiring departments as they begin their search to fill select PDL-C level or above positions at Dartmouth. The role of IDE is to ensure that Dartmouth is in compliance with federal regulations related to recruitment practices and to assist hiring managers in enhancing the diversity of their applicant pools. In some cases, the hiring department may request a waiver to fill a position with an identified person. The step by step process includes consultation with our office.

Staff Hiring Waiver Process

The process is designed to expedite hiring for very select positions, to ensure consistency in the waiver process, to help track positions not filled through traditional search processes, and to comply with federal laws pertaining to hiring and promotion.

Three Steps:

  1. After consulting with dean or VP of the division, submit written request to the senior diversity officer
  2. The senior diversity officer will discuss request with the head of the department, HR consultant, if appropriate, and General Counsel, if appropriate
  3. The senior diversity officer will respond in writing to the administrator requesting the waiver

When is a waiver appropriate?

  • Urgent need and known qualified person is available
  • The job category has significant underutilization for women and minorities and hiring manager has identified a qualified woman or minority to fill the position
  • The hire would facilitate the recruitment of a qualified spouse or partner who is a woman or minority in an area with significant underutilization of women and/or minorities
  • The position is fixed term with no chance of moving to continuing status

Select Staff Exempt Position Search Process

Program/Departmental Leadership positions, Departmental/Division Leadership positions, and Institutional Leadership positions are impacted by this process which involves the Office of Human Resources and IDE.

Three Steps:

  • Meet with EO/AA officer to review federal guidelines prior to starting the search
  • Contact EO/AA officer to review short list of candidates
  • Inform EO/AA officer of the final hire

Information shared with IDE is always confidential. Our files are shared with no outside parties unless requested during a federal audit. This information will be treated with the same level of confidentiality given to grievances and complaints.

Dual Career resources

Recruiting and retaining highly qualified faculty and staff is a top priority at Dartmouth College. Increasingly, outstanding applicants may have an accomplished spouse or partner seeking employment. Dartmouth recognizes meeting the needs of two careers is crucial for a successful recruitment. We encourage prospective candidates and hiring departments to review our current Arts and Sciences faculty listings, Geisel School of Medicine faculty listings and Dartmouth College Human Resources employment website.

Faculty Recruitment Resources

Faculty Recruitment Manual for the Arts & Sciences, Tuck School of Business, and Thayer School of Engineering

Recruitment Forms for the Arts & Sciences

For Faculty Recruitment at the Geisel School of Medicine