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  • Specialty Medications:
    Starting January 1, 2020, Specialty medications will be filled through Accredo, an Express Scripts specialty pharmacy.

  • Waiting for your ID card?
    Prescription drugs must be paid for at the time of pickup, and if paid out of pocket, will only be reimbursed at the Express Scripts "allowed" amount. Most pharmacies will reimburse the funds if you return within 14 days with your pharmacy ID card and original receipt. Please talk to your pharmacy about your options. If you have an urgent situation, please contact the benefits office at 603-646-3588. Whenever possible, we recommend filling a 90 day supply of all medications prior to switching employment or insurance coverage(s).

  • The High Deductible Health Plan
    The HDHP plan has certain preventive medications available at no cost to you. Be sure to utilize the "Price a Medication" tool while reviewing plan options.

Employees who enroll in a medical plan at Dartmouth College are automatically enrolled in a pharmacy plan offered through Express Scripts.

Key features include:

Broad retail network of more than 69,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, including:

    •      Independent pharmacies
    •      Chain pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens

Your Express Scripts (ESI) prescription ID card must be presented when filling a prescription.

  • Flexible prescription service for your maintenance medications. 90-day supply maintenance medications are available at a reduced cost and may be filled through Express Scripts' mail-order pharmacy, at a CVS pharmacy, or at Dick Hall's House.
  • Certain preventive prescriptions offered at no cost to members enrolled in the HDHP medical plan. A comprehensive list of these prescriptions can be found at
  • Use the Express Scripts Mobil Ap to store your ID Card, access your medications at a moments notice, see when refills are needed, and manage your mail order refills.


Tiered drug pricing, ranging from:



Express Scripts uses the following services to ensure you are receiving the best care:

  • The National Preferred Formulary (A list of medications covered under your pharmacy plan) provides you and your prescriber with a guide to help you choose the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective medications available. It is recommended that you and your prescriber refer to the Formulary in determining which medication may be best for you. 
  • As medications change or new medications become available, the National Formulary gets updated on a quarterly basis.  This means that medications may be added, removed or may change tier levels, potentially causing a disruption to their cost or availability.  If you are affected by a formulary change, you  will be notified in advance by Express Scripts, and encouraged to have a conversation with your prescriber. 
    • Physician's Prior Authorization line:  800-417-8164 option 3