Background Checks

Dartmouth College has developed a policy and process for pre-employment background checks for hiring managers to verify the background or fully engage in due diligence for all new employees. This is a campus-wide commitment and response to an outcome of the McKinsey study.

About the Process

The aim of uniform pre-employment screening requirements -- "due diligence" for short -- is very simple: to enable Dartmouth to hire the best candidates. Poor hiring decisions can hurt Dartmouth employers in a variety of ways -- lost productivity when poor hires require excessive management attention or increase turnover; increased burdens on co-workers; compliance problems when employees do not possess the credentials or licenses claimed on their applications; and business ethics issues when the College hires employees who falsify their educational or employment histories. Even where the due diligence process confirms the accuracy of the applicant's employment history and educational credentials, careful reference checking offer us insights on where the prospective applicant may benefit from special training or supervision after they begin work at the College.

Effective August 1, 2012, all background checks other than employment reference checks will be handled by the Office of Human Resources through a third-party vendor. The additional background checks include verification of employment history, a criminal background check, sex and violent offender history check, and verification of educational credentials. Background checks may also include verification of licenses or certifications (if required by the position) and credit history check (if the position has access to credit or funds of $50,000 or more at any given time).

Please take full advantage of the resources and support available to you. We believe it can be a simple, effective measure to protect our students and colleagues. Should you have any questions about the background check process, please contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant or Human Resources Consultant in the Office of Human Resources, (603) 646-3411.

Read the Background Check Policy.

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