Open Enrollment

2022 Open Enrollment Closed

Your Health Benefits open enroll window for calendar year 2022 has officially ended.  To view/print your confirmation page, log in to FlexOnline.

2022 Retirement Benefits

You may still make changes to your 2022 annual retirement plan contributions by logging in to NetBenefits.

No Action Taken

If no action was taken during open enrollment, you will be defaulted to the medical, dental, life insurance, long-term disability and wellness program coverage you had at the end of 2021.

2021 Qualified Life Events

If you have a qualified life event before the end of 2021, please be sure to review and again complete your 2022 open enrollment information within 7 days of completing the life event to ensure that all changes have carried through correctly.

Educational Information

One-on-One Enrollment Assistance

SESSIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED - Meet via zoom or by phone for 30 minutes with a Benefits Specialist who can help you with your online enrollment, or can help answer your specific questions about the various benefit plan options. Family members are welcome to attend.

Rick Mills Health Care Presentation

Exectutive Vice President, Rick Mills discusses Dartmouth’s decision making process for benefit changes in 2022.  This video is an excellent pre-curser to the education sessions presented by the Benefits Team.

Pre-Recorded Education Session

The information presented in this pre-recorded education session will be similar to that which will be presented in the live zoom educational sessions on October 19th and 21st, but can be viewed at any time. Watch or view the presentation slides.

Enrollment Assistance Tools

Open Enrollment Guide Book

The 2022 Open Enrollment guide is an online, printable guide book that has been prepared for you as an additional educational tool and includes information about this year's Open Enrollment, your benefit plans, and upcoming changes in benefits for 2022.

Benefits Cost Estimator

Use Dartmouth's Benefits Cost Estimator tool any time to determine what the cost of your monthly rates/premiums will be based on annual salary, FTE and employment catetory.

Rates are not changing for most benefits in 2022, however if you had a change in annual salary or FTE since 1/1/21, you may see a change in monthly premiums/rates.

ALEX Decision Assistance Tool

Medical plans aren't one-size-fits all. If your medical plan doesn't fit anymore, you might be paying too much. shows you how each plan would cover your needs, and how much money you could save by switching plans. 

Contact Information

Dartmouth Benefits Office
Phone:  603-646-3588

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