Employee COVID-19 Resources

Employees are encouraged to read through and bookmark these COVID-19 resources for easy reference.

Vaccination Resources

Testing Resources

Other Resources

Contacting Axiom Medical

Employees can call Axiom Medical, Dartmouth's occupational medicine partner, at 833-408-1338 with questions about their COVID-19 case management. When you call, you may be prompted to leave a message. In your message, please include your name, your phone number, and the reason for your call. Calls will be returned in the order received, so please watch for and answer the call, typically from a Texas or Utah area code.

For questions about your health, contact your health-care provider.

Supervisor FAQ

What do I do if an employee working on site notifies me that they tested positive?

If you are notified that an individual you supervise has tested positive for COVID-19, follow the steps below. Do not share private health information with others, including COVID-19 testing, isolation, and vaccination details.

  • If the individual is on site, send them home immediately.
  • Encourage them to contact their health-care provider (the Dartmouth College Health Service for students) and, if needed, seek emergency care.
  • Instruct employees (faculty or staff) to wear a face mask and call Axiom Medical at 833-408-1338. Employees may be prompted to leave a message with their phone number, name, and reason for their call. Calls will be returned in the order received, typically from a Texas or Utah area code. Axiom will manage the employee's isolation and return-to-work plan.
  • Instruct students to follow Dartmouth’s isolation guidance, wear a face mask, and email the Dartmouth College Health Service at dicks.house.nurse@dartmouth.edu to report their positive result and ask questions about their health. Students should inform their instructors when they need to miss class, and instructors should support students' wellness and work with students to find ways for them to keep up with their academic work.


What do I tell others about the individual's absence?

Reply that they are out of the office or working remotely (for those that can continue to perform work away from campus). If asked in general what information will be shared about employee test results, isolation, or other health details, advise that you will not share any private health information and that in the event there is a confirmed case of COVID-19, close contacts will be notified by Axiom Medical, by the Dartmouth College Health Service or the student who tested positive, or by the relevant state health department. Employees with specific concerns about their health should contact their health-care provider.

Does the employee need to use Personal Time or Vacation for their absence?

Regular employees directed by Axiom Medical to remain away from the workplace/campus may use Other Lost Time (OLT) for their previously scheduled hours up to a maximum of 10 days between October 24, 2022 and June 30, 2023 or apply for short-term disability, if applicable.

What do I do if I hear rumors that an employee tested positive?

The Occupational Medicine processes and procedures will not be visible to those that are not directly involved in a given case and it can sometimes appear as if cases are not being addressed when they are. That said, if you have concerns that the appropriate Dartmouth offices are not aware of a situation, you may send an email to occupational.medicine@dartmouth.edu. Given the requirements for privacy of personal health information, it is likely that you may not be told the resolution to your inquiry; however, you can be assured that attention will be given to the matter. And, of course, speculative information about others should not continue to be shared.

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