Directions for visitors, staff and students with a valid state issued parking plate or placard requesting access to accessible parking spaces.

With permission from Transportation Services, (603) 646-2340:

  • Visitors may park in accessible spaces on the Dartmouth campus during business hours. A valid state issued accessible parking plate or placard is required to be displayed and the person to whom said permit is issued must be in the vehicle when it is parked.
  • Employees and students with state issued accessible parking passes in their name may park in accessible spaces, but must also hold a Dartmouth parking permit for the lot in which they park.

There is a special parking request form for students and staff without accessible plate or placard, who need temporary access to accessible spaces, due to injury or illness.

The form must be submitted to Transportation Services before a temporary permit can be issued.  It must be filled out and signed by a medical professional and submitted in person to the Transportation Services Office at 6 Massachusetts Row, 1953 Commons, or scanned and emailed to the Parking Office at The individual must also hold a Dartmouth parking permit for the lot in which they park. Other rules may apply, which will be detailed on the form.

Campus Accessible Permit Form

Student Campus Accessible Permit Form

Accessible Parking Map