Faculty and staff who carpool to campus are eligible for reduced rate parking, when all members are Dartmouth employees.  In fact, a three-smployee carpool parks for free!  Check out the rates.


Groups of five to twelve faculty and staff who commute long distances may qualify for Dartmouth's vanpool program.  Dartmouth with Enterprise Rideshare to provide and maintain a van and a campus parking space for committed participants.  The vanpool assigns drivers for the pool and shares fuel costs.

Carpool World

Carpool World is a fun and easy way to share the seats in your car or catch a ride. With Carpool World you can find Dartmouth friends, classmates and co-workers going the same way you are. For help finding a carpool that’s right for you, visit Carpool World, Dartmouth’s car-sharing tool.

Other resources are available to find a carpool partner through the Vital Communities website.


For more information, contact Transportation Services