Drivers Safety Program Information

In order to become an approved driver, please complete the appropriate form as a student or employee applicant and e-mail it to Once approved, Transportation Services will assign the course in Canvas and the applicant will receive an enrollment e-mail with instructions. For constituents already an approved driver under an old program, who wish to become van, minibus and trailer approved, separate assignment of the module for these larger vehicles is possible in Canvas.

For managers who are already approved drivers, but interested in viewing training modules in order to provide on-going support of safe driving practices in their workplace, please reach out to Transportation Services and we will assign the course to you.

The fee schedule to access training modules follows:

Approved Driver $30

All-inclusive Approved Driver certification program, which includes:

  • Initial motor vehicle record check
  • Access to Approved Driver training modules in Dartmouth Canvas (including Vans, Mini-buses and Trailer Towing)

Recurring Motor Vehicle Record Checks $25

  • Transportation Services is required to check motor vehicle records of approved student drivers (every 2 years) and approved employee drivers who hold CDL and DOT licenses (every year).  
  • Before re-checking records, the original sponsoring department will be notified to verify the individual is still operating a vehicle for the department and for payment method. Driver approval will lapse without verification.
  • Among the employee population who drive on Dartmouth business without commercial license status, random motor vehicle record checks will occur annually to gauge compliance with moving violation reporting requirements. These random checks will be at no charge to the department.