Bagless Recycling in Residence Halls

What is bagless recycling? What can go in it?

Bagless recycling is recycling without using a plastic bag bin liner. Empty your clean recyclables from your room’s recycling bin directly into your residence hall’s recycling toter. The same materials outlined in the list of recyclables can be recycled; however, plastic bag bin liners are not allowed in recycling.

How do I do bagless recycling?

  1. Collect recyclables in your recycling bin that is not lined with plastic bin liners.
  2. Empty the contents of your bagless recycling bin at the designated recycling collection area in your residence hall.
  3. Dartmouth's recycling team will regularly empty the large recycing toters into their recycling trucks and take them to the Casella's Zero-Sort recycling center.

Where is the designated recycling collection area in my residence hall?

The recycling toters are located in different areas, depending on your residence hall. Check in the ground- or first floor-recycling rooms; on the ground, basement, or first floors; or on the front or back patios of your residence hall. If you are unable to locate the toters in your building, please ask your UGA, custodian, or other residents.

When is bagless recycling happening?

Dartmouth residential buildings transition to bagless recycling in Fall 2021.

Why does Dartmouth have bagless recycling in residence halls?

Bagged recyclables cannot be sorted properly at the recycling collection facility, and the plastic bags clog the recycling machinery. Dartmouth is switching to bagless recycling to improve its recycling quality.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about bagless recycling?

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