Custodial & Cleaning


Dartmouth's Custodial Services team believes that a clean campus is a healthy campus. Cleaning is about safety, and we strive to have the safest buildings by applying best practices for the cleaning industry.  

Dartmouth's Management Cleaning Practices

 In 2019, our Custodial Services team completed implementation of new management cleaning practices based on a national model for developing and applying best custodial practices. We developed an in-depth master plan that includes equitable work schedules and task sheets, color-coded maps, and service information sheets for our customers. We have an absentee replacement program, and, according to Core Management, our management program is the first in the nation to create and fill a quality assurance position to train and develop a robust, quality-assurance inspection program that creates a healthier and cleaner sustainable environment.

Dartmouth's Custodial Services now has a model program that other institutions are clamoring to follow. We're proud of our work and the sustainable impact it has on Dartmouth's buildings.

Green Products

Our custodians use only green-certified products to clean and disinfect Dartmouth's buildings. All cleaning products are LEED-certified, while our disinfectants are green-certified by the CDC. We use microfiber cleaning cloths that pick up microscopic bacteria and germs without chemicals and that are proven to help reduce disease. 

We also use electrostatic sprayers that apply an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces and objects. The spray contains positively charged particles that cling to and coat any surface they’re aimed at, making this a particularly helpful product for awkwardly shaped objects or hard to reach places.

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