Hinman Mail Center

Hinman Mail will only be accepting mail/packages for undergraduate students permitted to live in college housing. Students living off campus should make arrangements to have all mail & packages sent to their off campus place of residence.

The Hinman Package Store will only ship mail/packages to students permitted to live in college housing.

"Hinman Mail will notify students living on-campus by email that they may pick-up mail and packages at a designated time during business hours, Monday-Friday. Daily capacity will be limited. Hinman will not release mail and packages on demand outside of the scheduled pick-up time.

Welcome to the Hinman Post Office (Fall Term 2020)

In order to maintain your safety and ours, the Hinman mail center will be open for package and mail pick up as follows:

Hinman Box numbers 0001-2000

  • Your pick up time is 8:15-10:00

Hinman Box numbers 2001-3000

  • Your pick up time is 10:15-12:00

Hinman Box numbers 3001-4000

  • Your pick up time is 12:30-2:00

Hinman Box numbers 4001-5020

  • Your pick up time is 2:15-4:00

If the above times do not coincide with your academic schedule, the Hinman mail center will scan out mail and packages to a designee providing we have email consent and the designee is approved to be on campus.

We look forward to serving you this year!

Dean of the College Kathryn Lively Message to Undergraduates

Tuesday, September 1, 2020 2:10 PM.
E-mail. Subject: Update From Dean Lively

When you receive official confirmation from the Dean of the College email account that you are cleared for the next phase of quarantine, you will be picking up your mail at one of the assigned times. Please note that receipt of a negative test result from the testing vendor does not release you to the next phase. You will not start picking up your mail until you have received official College permission to do so.


Hinman Mail Center: 603-646-2824

Email: Hinman Mail Center