Utilities Management

As part of its overall mission, Dartmouth has an obligation to maintain working environments within its facilities which sustain the institution's instructional and research missions. The College is also committed to the objective of employing the best available conservation practices to curtail the excessive consumption of resources in supplying utility services to its facilities.

Accomplishing this objective within the context of Dartmouth's overall mission requires constant vigilance to strike a reasonable balance between potentially conflicting objectives. Furthermore, the College's ability to invest in utilities and facilities which provide an optimum resolution of these conflicts is constrained by available resources.

The following guidelines for resource and utility management set forth a framework within which Facilities Operations & Management (FO&M), working with the Resource Working Group (RWG), will evaluate building service requirements in order to best support the mission and objectives of the College. The RWG will serve as an advisory group for FO&M on these matters, as needed and as appropriate. The RWG was formed by the Vice President and the Provost. It represents many facets of the College's operations and includes members from the academic community. Their charter is to develop practices and policies responsive to Dartmouth's commitment to resource conservation.

Any deviations from the standards below must be reviewed by FO&M