Power Plant

The College power plant was originally built in 1898 to serve the College's heating needs and serves over 100 campus buildings. In the summer, the plant steam is used to run the Campus' steam absorption chillers which provide chilled water for air conditioning for several Campus buildings.

The plant operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Tours of the plant are gladly given with advance notice. For information on tours please click here.

Utility Services

The campus is served by an extensive steam distribution system which operates at 20 psig. The main backbone is an 8 foot by 8 foot concrete, walk through tunnel system which houses a 20 inch diameter steam line, 6 inch diameter condensate return line, high voltage power cables, telephone cables, energy management cables, computer network cabling and fire alarm cabling. Condensed steam, called condensate, is returned to the power plant for re-use in the plant's boilers. The College's mechanical shop performs the major maintenance on the steam system.

There is also a 4160 volt AC electrical distribution system on Campus that provides the major Campus buildings with power. The system is entirely underground and feeds from a line-up of metal clad switchgear located in the power plant. The college takes power from Granite State Electric at two 13.2/4.16 KV substations, one near Cummings Hall and the other near Lebanon Street. About 55% of the power the college uses in a year is purchased from Granite State Electric.

Other utilities that FO&M helps support installation of are telephone, data and cable TV.