Physical Key Policy

Keys for all academic, athletic and administration buildings are issued by the Department of FO&M and are to be returned upon completion of use. Keys for undergraduate residence halls are obtained from the Office of Residential Life in the basement of North Mass, and for College-owned housing from the Rental Housing Office at 4 Currier Place.

Requests for physical keys must be completed using the web-based form. Keys will be issued to individuals only upon authorization by departmental chairs or designated representatives. Records of all persons authorized to approve key issues are updated annually. Keys must be picked up in person at the Key Desk at McKenzie Hall. To avoid an unnecessary trip, please call first (ext. 6-1463) to be sure that a particular key is available. There is a deposit of $20 for each key, and a $10 refund upon its return.  Payment can be made in the form of cash, check or chart string.

Unrecoverable keys must be reported to the Work Control Center, the department head and the Office of Safety and Security.

Requests for lock changes on room doors must be submitted through a Service Request. Individuals are not allowed to place their own padlocks on room doors without approval. When a person leaves the College, all keys must be returned to the FO&M Office. Deposits are then refunded via Dash, Check or Chart String. If a key is transferred to another person, a practice which is discouraged for security reasons, the FO&M office should be notified in writing, giving the names of both the person who had the key and the new person responsible.

Contact Information

Work Control Center
HB 6111Key desk