Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is responsible for the billing of non-student College goods and service charges.

This department does not pertain to sponsored project billing, bills sent by Geisel School of Medicine (including the Department of Psychiatry), and other department specific billing activity. For more information contact the Office of Sponsored Projects at (603) 646-3007, the Department of Psychiatry or the department from whom you received a bill.

Frequently Billed Charges

Some of the most frequently billed charges are as follows:

Alumni Magazine
Alumni Relations
Conferences and Special Events
Dartmouth College Child Care Center
Employee Housing
Retiree and Employee Benefits

Important Information


  • If Dartmouth Housing rent has not been payroll deducted or the full amount was not deducted, you will receive a bill.
  • Employees on leave will receive a bill for benefits.
  • Unpaid bills will have a collection fee added to the balance.

Former Students

  • Students who are no longer enrolled will not be able to access the D-Pay billing system and therefore will receive a bill for any outstanding balance.
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