Campus Billing and DartCard Services: COVID-19 Related Information

Updated April 16, 2020, 4:00 p.m.

Accounts Receivable (non-student)


Will I receive a billing statement during this time?

A billing statement will be sent as scheduled. If you have any questions, please email or call (603) 646-3899.

How can I make my payment?

Payments can be mailed to the address on your bill. Payments can be dropped off in McNutt Cashier’s Office drop off slot (enter McNutt via side door near Computer Store). Payments will be processed once a week by the Cashier’s Office and on the date the bill is due if received by Noon. We do not accept credit or debit cards, payments over the phone or online.

Campus Billing


Do students have to pay full tuition for spring term? What about room and board?

Please refer to the FAQ’s link below:

How will refunds for housing and meal plans be disbursed? Does this differ for students receiving financial aid?

Student bills are being updated to reflect appropriate room and board status and to reflect updated financial aid. If a student/family has already paid, the student should log on to DartHub to request a refund.  Please sign up for eRefund on DPay.

Cashier's Office


What if our department has a deposit to make? How can this be processed?

The Cashiers Office has a box in the cashier's door in McNutt available for all deposits (there is signage to assist you, enter McNutt door near Computer Store) or you can mail it to Dartmouth College Cashier’s Office 6132 McNutt Hall, Room 103 Hanover, NH 03755. If you have questions, please email or call (603) 646-2433.

DartCard Services

Business for ID Card Accounts

Individuals are encouraged to make deposit payments to ID cards through the online payment gateway with GET Funds. We are working remotely and do not have access to the office credit card terminal.

Currently, Employee/Graduate Student Meals for ’53 Commons are not available for purchase.

Credit card refunds are no longer processed in-office. Refund requests for employee ID card accounts will be processed through OnBase Payment Requests. Refunds for student ID card accounts will be processed through the student tuition account/D-Pay. Student refunds will not be universally performed as there are students on-campus.

ID Cards for Students

Due to the current social-distancing practices of Dartmouth College and state-issued stay home order, our office is working remotely. In the current situation issuing replacement ID cards is very difficult.

For access needs, please contact Safety and Security for a temporary access card.

For dining needs, please order the meal pick-up online with GET.

Currently, ID cards are only printed once a week as need arises. Student replacements must be met by appointment as our office is not open for in-person visits. Replacement ID cards will be printed with the current photo on record in the ID card production system.

ID Cards for Employees

Due to the current social-distancing practices of Dartmouth College and stay home order, employees are not permitted to visit the DartCard office for obtaining ID cards. As such, we have established a protocol:

If you are a new employee or have not previously obtained an ID card through our office, please send us a photo. Due to COVID-19, plain selfies are acceptable at this time. Please use the below photo-guidelines to help us issue your ID card:

  • Plain-white background (example: plain wall)
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No hand gestures or symbols
  • Appropriate lighting (no direct sunlight, or dim/shadowed lighting)

If you are a current or returning employee, please let us know if you need a replacement ID card. The current photo on record can be used, or you are welcome to send us a photo to help keep the employee record up to date.

If you need immediate access, please contact Facilities for a visitor access card. If you do not need access on campus, you do not need an ID card at this time. When we be glad to assist with your ID card when we return to normal business when the situation subsides.

Once printed, the requested ID card will be sent via Hinman Mail to the address indicated for the employee in the OIM/DND Lookup Directory. Due to the required social distance and stay home order, ID cards are printed only once a week as the need presents. Please note as ID cards are distributed via Hinman Mail, deliveries may experience a delay for mail processing.

Student Loan Office (Institutional and Perkins loans)


I am unemployed due to COVID-19, what are my options for my loans?

Dartmouth College has implemented an administrative forbearance on all loans (including Federal Perkins) with 0% interest for six months. This means you will not have a payment due for six months and interest does not accrue during the administrative forbearance time. All payments made will be applied towards the principal balance. You can access your account by visiting If you have questions, please email or call (603) 646-6375.

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