1098-T Information

Dartmouth College is required to produce the 1098T by IRS regulations. It can be used to claim the educational tax benefits outlined in IRS Publication 970. The information on the form will assist you in completing your tax return. If you need further assistance, please consult a tax advisor.

Key Terms & Important Information

  • Dartmouth College is not required to send this form when the amount of grants and scholarships for graduate students is equal to the amount of qualified tuition and related expenses billed.
  • Box 2 displays the total amount the student was billed for qualified tuition and related expenses (e.g. Student Activity Fee) in the tax year.
  • Box 5 displays the total amount the student was given in scholarships and grants in the tax year. These are scholarships and grants administered and disbursed by Dartmouth College. There may be other organizations which provided scholarships or grants to the student which will not be included on the 1098T.

If you have questions on the tax impact of the information reported on1098T, please consult a tax advisor.

  • The 1098-T form is mailed each year on or before January 31. We mail the 1098T form to the student at their permanent address.
  • You are not required to include the 1098-T form when filing your taxes. The information has been provided electronically to the IRS by Dartmouth. We recommend that you keep this information for your tax records.
  • Currently enrolled students may access their current or previous 1098-T forms on Banner Self-Service. Select the 1098-T menu option. Graduated or currently inactive students may call or e-mail our office to request a hard copy of their 1098-T forms. Please keep in mind that it may be 7-10 business days for Student Financial Services to manually generate a duplicate copy. Please confirm that your tax form has not been received at your permanent address. You may contact us to receive the information we reported to the IRS on your behalf.
  • The Tuition Statement Detail Report (TSDR) itemizes the eligible expenses billed and scholarships or grants provided to you, plus all payments (including loans) applied to the student's account during the federal tax year.
  • Winter Term charges are billed to you approximately 6 weeks before the term begins. If you are charged for a term that begins in the next tax year, you will also see that Box 7 is checked. This box indicates that a portion of the amount in box 1 or 2 includes charges billed for an academic period beginning January - March of the next tax year.
  • Because the Winter Term tuition and fees are normally billed in November of one calendar year and scholarship being disbursed in January of the next year, this often leads to the tuition charges being reported in the tax year prior to the reporting of the scholarship or grant payment.
  • Please consult IRS Publication 970 to determine how to match your tuition charges with payments received in the next tax year

 Instructions for Obtaining Copies Current and Previous 1098-T Forms

  1. Log into Student Self-Service.
  2. Choose 1098T menu option.
  3. Enter calendar/tax year of 1098T copy you want, and click on submit.
  4. Use browser print option for printing.

    There are navigation links for moving between the sections of the form, but printing will produce a copy of the entire form.
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