E-Business Suite (EBS) Upgrade

Oracle EBS Upgrade is Complete!!

Oracle EBS supports many of Dartmouth's administrative, employee, and financial functions, including Employee Self-Service, where you view your Payslips and Employee W2, or iExpense, where you submit your corporate card and business expenses. Oracle EBS also supports Accounts Payable, eProcurement, Grants Accounting, and HRMS, much more. In addition, Oracle integrates with many more systems, such as PASF, OnBase Unity Client and OnBase eForms, IRA Financial Reports and other systems the rely on Oracle to feed or validate employee or chart strings data.

What changed?

Oracle EBS 12.2.10 provides a new look and feel, as well as, many customizable preferences settings. Otherwise, there is very little change for the general user. There are new WebADI and SPUD Journal Templates and a few enhancements in the iProcurement module. Most of the upgrade is technical enhancements on the backend. 

Getting Started in Oracle EBS 12.2.10

We recommend the following initial steps:

  1. Open a new browser session in Firefox, Chrome or Edge.
  2. Press Ctrl+F5 (or if on a Mac: CMD+R) to clear cached information.
    Clearing your Cache is what is needed if you are getting the following screen:
    Error - Cannot display page

  3. Set Oracle EBS in your Java Exception List (PDF)

If you are prompted with the following window, check the box next to “I accept the risk and want to run this application” and click “Run”.

EBS_Security Warning

If you have technical issues, please contact Financial.Reports@dartmouth.edu.

New WebADI and SPUD Journal Templates

Personalize Navigation Preferences

Personalize EBS Navigation Instructions (PDF)

Navigation Responsibilities

To manage the application listed within the Navigator on your Home screen, click on Personalize to the right of the navigator. The Personalize Navigator will open. To see your responsibilities, click "Go" next to "Display: All Responsibilities"

The Shown or Hidden status will display in the far right column.

Managing General Preferences: 

To manage your general preferences, click on the Settings gear on the header ribbon.

Select "Preferences" to access General Preferences:

Within Accessibility you have the option to adjust from "Standard Accessibility" to "Screen Reader Optimized" capabilities.

Within Visual, you can adjust "Home Page Style", "Page Header Display Style", and "Top-Level Menu Display Style"

eProcurement Enhancements

eProcurement had a facelift. Functionality is very similar, but things do look a bit different. 

Logging into Oracle Financials
Entering a non-catalog, amount based requisition into eProcurement
Entering a non-catalog, quantity based requisition into eProcurement
Quick Cart/Express Checkout
Splitting a chart string or PTAEO in an Amount-based Requisition
Finding requisition details in eProcurement

Technical Issues

If you have technical issues, please contact Financial.Reports@dartmouth.edu.


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