Employee Address Project

In March 2023, Dartmouth College changed how we manage addresses for our employees, including faculty, staff, and student employees.

This page outlines who was impacted, what proactive steps we encouraged, along with the timeline for the changes that were introduced.

Additional details are outlined in our frequently asked questions provided below.


Dartmouth College previously maintained three address types:
1) Payroll Mailing Address, "PM"
2) Legal Mailing Address, "LM"
3) Legal Residence Address, "LR"

On March 16, 2023 we stopped maintaining the Payroll Mailing address, and consolidated these three addresses into two.  Please refer to the Address Changes website for more information about how these different addresses are used.

This change was made because the way these fields are structured causes us to have to manage them in an inefficient manner and limits our ability to use and report on this important data.


Previously, the Payroll Mailing Address was considered to be your "primary" address and is where your paychecks, W2s, and any AP checks go, if you still received physical copies.

Now, the Legal Mailing Address has become the "primary" address and is the address your paychecks and W2s will be sent.  The Legal Mailing Address is also where your Benefits forms and any AP checks will be sent.


Employees: Access Employee Self-Service to review your addresses in the system.

Make sure your Legal Mailing Address is the correct address you want your paychecks, benefits forms, and any AP checks to be sent to.

Students: In most cases, your Hinman address in Banner will be used for this new address.  Please review your account and make sure your addresses are correct.  Access your account by navigating to DartHub and selecting the "Contact Information" tile.  Refer to the DartHub Guide for more direction.

Students can also update or change their address by stopping in the Payroll Office to complete a change of address form.  Questions can be directed to: dartmouth.payroll@dartmouth.edu


Jan-Feb: Testing and broad communication

Feb-Mar: Direct communication to impacted employees

MARCH 16, 2023: Mass update was processed, all changes are made

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I currently receive my paper paycheck to my Hinman Box, can that still happen?

A: No, we are no longer allowing paychecks to be sent to Hinman addresses for anyone besides students.

Q: I am part of the Union and my paper paycheck is handed to me.  Will that change?

A: No, you will still receive your paychecks the same way.

Q: Will this impact my taxation?

A: No, this update should not impact your state taxation.  If you see changes in your pay and have questions, please contact the Payroll Office.

Q: Why do I need to have both a Legal Mailing and Legal Residence address?

A: As outlined on the Address Change website, the Legal Mailing address is used for mailing Payroll and Benefits information.  This is also the address provided to your Medical and Dental insurance carrier.  The Legal Residence is your home address, which we are required to have the address on file for you by the State of New Hampshire.  For many employees, these may be the same address.

Q: What happens if I don't take any action?

A: If you receive paper paychecks and currently have a Legal Mailing address in the system, that is where your paychecks will be sent.  If you do not have a Legal Mailing addresses populated, we will populate one for you.  If your Payroll Mailing is not a Hinman box, we will use that.  If it is a Hinman box, we will use your Legal Residence address instead.

Q: How do I sign up for Direct Deposit and/or Go Paperless?

A: Great idea!  Please see our Direct Deposit and Go Paperless site.




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