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Food Allergies

Dartmouth Dining Service endeavors to identify and label all known ingredients which are considered common allergens. Dartmouth Dining Services provides training to our staff regarding food allergens, the risks associated with them, labeling protocol and appropriate handling procedures of these items. However, there is always a risk of contamination, with a known allergen, in a food production environment. Additionally, suppliers and manufactures may substitute or modify products at any time, without notifying us. It is the responsibility of the customer with a food allergy(s) or specific nutritional concern(s) to make the final judgment if a food item is appropriate for them to consume.

To better serve our guests with food allergies we strongly encourage them to self-identify as having food allergies and/or specific health related dietary restrictions and to meet with our dietitian and management team to review our protocols and available options to meet thisr specific need. We currently work with many guests with allergies and/or specific nutritional concerns and look forward to continuing to do so.

Students with specific nutrition concerns or medically restricted diets should arrange a meeting with our registered dietitian, Beth Rosenberger.

Gluten Free

If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease and require a gluten-free diet, please contact Beth Rosenberger, R.D.

A gluten free station for all customers is located within '53 Commons. This includes a designated gluten-free toaster and specially prepared entrees and sides. 

Additional gluten-free items and bread is reserved for those students with documented gluten allergies.  Please contact Beth Rosenberger to gain access to this area.

Ordering an Allergen-Free Meal

You may order an allergen free meal online. Only requests from students who have met with Beth Rosenberger will be approved. 

DDS does not have a designated allergen-free or gluten-free kitchen, but our staff has the equipment and training to minimize cross-contamination. With the proper notice, we can prepare allergen-free meals using designated equipment. Our staff starts preparing for upcoming meals hours in advance. In order for us to insure that we can dedicate the proper diligence to preparing your gluten-free meal, we ask that requests by made by 9:30AM for lunch and by 2:30 PM for dinner.

We strive to have all of the ingredients for these meals available at all times, but availability may be affected by unusually high demand or vender delivery issues.

Nutritional Content & Information

DDS is working to have all of our nutritional information available online. As each recipe and ingredient must be analyzed individually, not all options may be available online.

Our nutritional program will provide you with the standardized nutrition label and ingredient list for each component of your meal. You can combine portions of our various foods and sauces to calculate your daily nutritional intake.

You can view our menus and nutritional information here.  Just select a menu item, and the corresponding nutritional info will appear.  Our portion sizes are in ounces.  This guide should assist with matching our nutrition info with how much you choose to put on your plate.

DDS Portion sizes


Additional Resources

Shira Evans, MS, RD, CSSD, LD is the Coordinator of Nutrition Programs at Dartmouth. KC Wright MS, RDN, LD, is the nutritionist with Student Health Services.  Shira and KC have worked with many Dartmouth students, athletes and coaches, and student groups, providing individual counseling, group presentations, and Q&A sessions regarding nutrition and eating healthily on campus.

On-Campus Nutrition Services are available to you (free-of-charge):

    • Individual Appointments: Private appointments with the dietitian.Information: Handouts and references on a wide variety of nutrition topics including weight control, sports nutrition, eating disorders, how to help a friend with an eating disorder, vegetarianism, how to eat well on campus, and other nutrition topics.
    • Nutritional Analysis: The following non-Dartmouth website offers helpful nutritional analysis of food items/recipes:

If you would like any of the specific nutritional information listed above or would like to meet with the dietitian, please contact Shire Evans or KC Wright.

Last Updated: 8/8/17