6/29/20 update: DBIC Phase 1A Reopening

Dear MRUsers,

The DBIC has received approval for a limited reopening of the Center, beginning Wednesday, July 1. As you can imagine, our reopening activities are restricted to specific activities and limited hours. This will be Phase 1A of reopening. We have submitted a proposal for Phase 1B that is still being reviewed. We will be following strict cleaning, PPE, and social distancing policies and procedures to protect the health of our research and broader communities.

During Phase 1A of our reopening, the DBIC will be open Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. In this first phase of reopening, DBIC activities are limited to the following:

  • Methods development
  • Phantom studies
  • MRI safety training
  • MRI operator training

Important note: Phase 1A does not allow for any studies involving human research participants.

COVID-19 training

All current users (operator and safety trained) will be required to attend a COVID-19 safety training session with Terry prior to initiating any research activities in the DBIC. These sessions will be limited to a maximum of three (Terry plus two research personnel). To schedule a COVID-19 training session, please email courtney.rogers@dartmouth.edu

Once you have been COVID-19 safety trained, you will be allowed to start scheduling time for approved research activities.

Scheduling requirements

Scan time must be reserved with Courtney Rogers. You will be required to provide Courtney with an exact list of the research personnel who will be attending the scan session. Any changes to that list must be submitted to and approved by Courtney Rogers before your scheduled scan slot. Anyone not on your list for that day’s scan will be turned away at the door.

The DBIC will require 30 minutes buffer time between research groups to allow for proper cleaning and to allow for the air to be cleared by the ventilation system.

COVID-19 screenings

  • Dartmouth College, as well as the DBIC, requires anyone entering the DBIC to complete the Temperature Self-Assessment.
  • The DBIC will also require completion of an additional online Health Screening form prior to entering the DBIC. This form will be reviewed and approved by Courtney Rogers.

If you have questions regarding DBIC’s Phase 1A reopening, or any of the policies and procedures listed in the email or on the website, please contact Courtney Rogers.

We hope you are all well, and look forward to having you back in the DBIC soon!