04/29/2021: Important DBIC update - spring term research

Hi Everyone,

We are thrilled to announce that beginning on MONDAY, MAY 10, the following new changes will be in place:

  • The DBIC will allow research studies 7 days a week with no restriction on the hours of scanning. In other words, we can now run 24 hours per day / 7 days per week!
  • We will no longer require a 30-minute buffer between changes in research groups, personnel, and participants. For research groups who feel most comfortable with a 30-minute buffer, please make that request with Courtney.
  • The maximum occupancy of the DBIC will increase to four.

The following policies and procedures remain in effect:

  • Research in the DBIC can include studies of all members of the Dartmouth community who have had a COVID test with a negative result in the past week. This includes undergraduates. The requirement for recent negative COVID tests extends to all research personnel who want to enter the DBIC.
  • Only undergraduates who are approved to be for on-campus enrollment will be allowed to participate in research studies. Courtney Rogers will need to verify enrollment with the Dean of the College.
  • All COVID procedures regarding PPE and cleaning are still in effect. All DBIC personnel must have completed COVID training.
  • TSA approval on the day of scanning is required for all, including the participant.
  • Courtney will need the names of the personnel and participants at least 72 hours before scanning to monitor TSA compliance, on-campus enrollment, and testing status.
  • Changes in personnel and/or participants still need to be made with Courtney.
  • All other policies and procedures implemented during DBIC's Phase 1B reopening are still in effect. 
  • New projects will need to submit a DBIC protocol application to register intent to scan. For questions or information, please contact Courtney.

Happy scanning!


Jim, Tor, and Courtney