03/14/2022: Coming soon - changes to DBIC access requirements

Hi Everyone,

By now, you've likely all seen the email sent out by the Provost and EVP on Friday. As case rates locally and nationally come Dartmouth will be loosening some of the COVID restrictions that have been in place for the last year+, due to declining case rates and high campus compliance. This will change some of the DBIC access requirements that have been in place.  Please familiarize yourselves with the updated campus access requirements (https://covid.dartmouth.edu/covid19-news-updates). 

While some of us may feel excitement, relief, and hope from this change, others may feel less so.  It is going to take community effort and support to move through the spring term under these new guidelines. My goal for the last two years has been to do whatever I can to help us all stay safe, happy, and productive, and that is not going to change - please, use me as a resource. Let's continue to treat each other with grace, patience, and kindness as we navigate our way back to something resembling normal. I will still send out reminders about upcoming scan time and give you information about release dates / guidance about what info is due, etc. as I have been, at least until the end of spring term (and really, for as long as is needed). I know things change rapidly and frequently, so I thank you in advance for your patience with me as I sort all this out!

Spring 2022 changes

Face coverings - As of March 16, face coverings will no longer be required, but are WELCOME if you feel more comfortable wearing one! The DBIC will continue to keep a stock of KN95s available. There are some exceptions to the face covering policy (e.g., if you are sick, wear one!). For the full list, see: https://covid.dartmouth.edu/march-11-2022-community-message. If you have any questions about this requirement (or lack thereof) please contact me.

Asymptomatic testing: Weekly surveillance testing is required through April 10, but as of that date (4/10) weekly surveillance testing becomes optional.

Visitor guidance: As of March 16, Dartmouth (and therefore the DBIC) will no longer require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test of its visitors (or research participants). Dartmouth still recommends all visitors are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations or have received a negative COVID-19 test result within 72 hours prior to accessing Dartmouth locations or Dartmouth-sponsored in-person events, but proof of vaccination or negative test will not be required.  

What the change in testing requirements mean for DBIC access
* For scanning from now until Sun, Apr 10, I will continue to require a list of personnel and participants at least 3 business days prior to participation so that I can verify testing.
* For scans from Mon, 4/11 on, I will no longer require participant info. I will continue to ask for personnel (scan operator & scan buddy) for two reasons: 1) I need to make sure everyone has the proper training and 2) We need to know who to contact if things come up (e.g., the scanner is down, something happened during a scan, etc). This info can be given to me at time of booking (or really, anytime).
* As of March 16, you no longer need to request proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test of your participants. I'd still recommend it, as does Dartmouth, but it's now your call. Please DO consider keeping their contact info on file for 30 days in case contact tracing becomes necessary. 

This is also a good time to remind everyone that although restrictions have been / will be dropped and/or loosened, we'd ask that if you feel ill or have any symptoms of COVID, however mild, that you not come into the dBIC until you are better. 

Further, it remains critical that we all continue to do our part to protect community health and adhere to the access requirements. Our goal is to keep our vibrant neuroimaging research community healthy and fully open, and this requires full community cooperation from DBIC users. I thank you, as always, for your ongoing patience and support.

Please take very good care of yourselves and others, and as always, reach out to me if you need anything.