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What does Dartmouth policy say about copyright infringement?

The Dartmouth College Copyright Policy states: "The holders of copyright possess the exclusive right to authorize reproduction of, distribution of copies or phono records of, public performance of, public display of, and preparation of derivative works based on copyrighted works. . . . All faculty, students, and employees must adhere to this policy."

Dartmouth’s Information Technology Policy states: "Dartmouth College expects each member of the community to use Dartmouth's information technology resources, including connections to resources external to Dartmouth that are made possible by Dartmouth's information technology resources, responsibly, ethically, and in compliance with the Policy, relevant laws, and all contractual obligations to third parties. The use of Dartmouth's information technology resources is a privilege. If a member of the community fails to comply with this Policy or relevant laws and contractual obligations, that member's privilege to access and use Dartmouth's information technology resources may be revoked. ..."

Last Updated: 7/24/18