Freedom and Technology: Past Events

Main events sponsored by the Dartmouth Centers Forum

e-Voting. A public lecture by Dan Wallach, Rice University
October 19, 2006

Professor Wallach

Hanging chads, among other issues with traditional voting systems, have sparked great interest in managing the election process through the use of newer electronic voting systems. While computer scientists, for the most part, have been warning of the perils of such action, vendors have forged ahead with their products, claiming increased security, reliability, and accuracy. Many municipalities have adopted electronic systems and the number of deployed systems is rising.

This talk described problems Wallach's research team and other researchers have discovered and considered the limitations of the certification processes that should have guaranteed some quality control. It also considered how both established and open research in software engineering, distributed systems, and cryptography can and should impact the next generation of voting systems.

The Use and Abuse of Consumer Data, Hosted by the Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship
January 17, 2007

As the technology for accumulating and analyzing personal information become more sophisticated, the use of this data for commercial purposes raises questions about the violation of consumer privacy.

This forum included two expert panelists who discussed how this data is collected and processed, what protections are in place, and where there are risks of abuse.

Robert Ellis Smith
Mr. Ellis

Robert Ellis Smith, publisher of Privacy Journal. Smith is an experienced journalist, a lawyer, and author of several books on privacy. A graduate of Harvard College and Georgetown University Law Center, Smith was a daily news reporter, weekly newspaper editor, and assistant director of civil rights in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services before starting Privacy Journal in 1974.

Katherine Bryant
Ms. Bryant

Katherine Bryant, Vice President Consumer Advocacy, ChoicePoint. Bryant is a veteran member of ChoicePoint's legal team with extensive experience in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which is the federal law that grants consumers a wide range of rights related to the use of their information when applying for a job, home or auto insurance or a rental residence.

Rick Shreve, Adjunct Professor of Business Ethics, moderated the discussion.

Wireless ID Issues: Privacy, Efficiency and Security
April 9, 2007

The increasingly pervasive technology of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tags provide huge potential benefits - in tracking inventory and shipping, for example - and potential risks to personal security and privacy - when RFID is used for identifying or tracking people. RFIDs already appear in the millions in retail, passports, car keys, credit cards, and even pets. In this panel discussion we heard about the technology, policy, commercial, and legal aspects of this exciting technology.

This event was covered by The Dartmouth and can be viewed here.

Video of the event is available in the Jones Media Center at Dartmouth College.

You may also view the slides (from some panelists) or the remarks from Frank Moss.

Panelists included:



Sanjay Sarma
Mechanical Engineering
Kevin Fu
Computer Science
UMass - Amherst
Deirdre Mulligan
School of Law
University of California, Berkeley


Charles Palmer
IBM Research
Frank Moss
U.S. Department of State

Other events offered on campus relating to the theme

Tech@Tuck: Managing Consumer Data
January 10, 2007

Tech at Tuck
Tech @ Tuck Panel

On January 10, Tech@Tuck (sponsored by the Center for Digital Strategies) examined how firms make decisions about what consumer data they collect and use to enhance their products or services. This event included both targeted information sessions and a panel discussion. Members of the panel discussion included:

  • Facebook - Chris Kelly, VP, Corporate Development & Chief Privacy Officer
  • Starwood Hotels - Amy Weinberg, VP, Customer Insight
  • Time Warner Cable - Craig Goldberg, Chief Privacy Officer
  • Yahoo! - Anke Audenaert, VP, Content Optimization

Marianne Weems, artistic director of the Builders Association and Hopkins Center Artist-in-Residence, also joined the panel to discuss these issues as they related to the identity play Super Vision (see "Related Events" below).

An article on the event was published by The Dartmouth.

Professor Lebow


The Day the Earth Stood Still, a classic 1951 film.
November 27, 2006

A discussion followed, led by Professor Ned Lebow.

Super Vision
January 12 and 13, 2007

A play at the Hop.

Professor Moor

Nanotechnology and Human Enhancement.
April 14-15, 2007

Funded by the NSF; organized by Professor Jim Moor; co-sponsored by the Ethics Institute.