Body Politic(s): Health, Wellness, and Social Responsibility

body politic(s)The 2013-2014 Dartmouth Centers Forum theme was Body Politic(s): Health, Wellness, and Social Responsibility. Amidst a climate of global uncertainty, there is no more critical issue than taking care of ourselves and each other. From international dialogue to local organizing, the DCF looked to engage our entire community through this issue.


Some questions that aligned with our theme:

  • How does one grapple with stark disparities in international health care?
  • What is our "bystander responsibility" when we see unhealthy behavior?
  • How does our political system impact our health and wellbeing?
  • Does caring about faraway health problems even make a difference?

Focused Topics / Sub-themes

The DCF created a focus/sub-themes for each term that helped students, staff, and faculty explore elements of the theme.

  • Fall: "Taking it Personally": The role of the individual in addressing systemic issues.
  • Winter: "Economics of Healthcare": The haves, the have-nots, and the mismatch of services and needs.
  • Spring: "Body Image": What we see, what we think, and how we feel.

For information on programming related to the Body Politic(s) theme see the past events page.

Funding for Programs

Besides advancing this theme through the wide and varied missions of its member Centers, each term the DCF also accepted programming proposals through a Request For Proposals (RFP) process for students, faculty, and staff. Proposals that demonstrated collaboration and strove for intergroup dialogue and engagement were highly encouraged. 

Information on programs that were awarded funding through the RFP process will be available soon.