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Internships and For-Credit Exchanges

The collaboration between Dartmouth and the American University of Kuwait includes both internships and for-credit exchanges for students from both Dartmouth and AUK.

For the fully-paid internships Dartmouth students use a Leave Term to go to Kuwait. They usually work in several administrative units during their time at AUK, depending on their interests and AUK's needs. They can also seek out AUK faculty members who they can assist in research and/or teaching. See below - the exact dates for the viritual info sessions will be posted very soon. The Dartmouth-to-AUK internships are administered through the Dartmouth-AUK Program Office.

AUK students come to Dartmouth for approximately eight weeks in the summer (mid-June to second week in August). Past internships have been with the Rassias Center for Language Programs, the Office of Communications, the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy the Hood Museum, and TuckGO. However, available placements can change and prior placements do not determine future ones. AUK students may also audit Dartmouth classes with the permission of the professor and the Dartmouth-AUK Program Office. AUK students apply in December/January for the eight week long summer internship at Dartmouth. The AUK-to-Dartmouth internships are administered through AUK's Office of Student Affairs.

For Dartmouth Students

Mary Versa and three friends
Fall 2018 interns Ally Gaines and Hannah Lang

While preference is given to applicants who have taken coursework related to the Middle East or who are developing an interest in global learning, we still encourage you to apply even if you do not have this background. Applicants should indicate how the internship will enhance their academic, career, and personal goals. They should be in good disciplinary standing. Applicants return to campus for at least one term after completing the internship. Returning interns agree to participate in the recruitment of subsequent interns which involves attending the information meetings in January, if their schedule permits, or answering questions via email from interested students.

For-Credit Exchange

Take classes at AUK. Apply for Fall 2021 at Guarini Institute for International Education (Off-Campus Programs). Deadline: March 1, 2021.

Leave Term Internships

The application process for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 opportunities is now closed. Check back in Fall 2022 to apply for the next cycle.

Leave Term Internship Application Process

Step 1: Complete the online application form. Note: It is a Microsoft Form. Log-in first with your email address and then with your NetID and password.  You will be asked to upload an essay (Word document - at least two pages, double-spaced) indicating the relevance of this internship to your academic, intellectual, career, and personal goals.

Step 2: Obtain recommendations from two faculty members who are familiar with your academic work and interests. Send referees the link to the faculty recommendation form.  We also recommend sending referees a copy of your essay and the Program Information Sheet.

Step 3: Up-to-date transcript. Request from the Registrar and have it emailed to American.University.of.Kuwait.Project@dartmouth.edu. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Selection Process

The selection committee, consisting of the Dartmouth-AUK staff and one or two Dartmouth faculty members, will review the applications, and selected students will be invited to interview with the committee. Notification that a student has been chosen to partcipate in the internship will be via an email notification letter, and a paper letter to the student's Hinman Box, around the first week of March.


Should you decide to participate, please sign the notification letter at the bottom of the second page indicating acceptance of the internship and agreement to the terms, and return the hard copy to the Dartmouth-AUK Program Office along with a short bio and an electronic scan of the photo portion of your passport. Email correspondence with Dr. Hanan Muzaffar, the coordinator of your experience at AUK, will begin several months in advance of your trip in order to determine department placements. She will make every effort to match student interests while taking into account AUK department needs. Two or three months before traveling to Kuwait, you will be given a partial stipend for travel, and meals and incidentals. Living accommodations are in an off-campus apartment (usually) within walking distance to the campus.

After the Internship

In order to receive the final stipend, you must have submitted a report about your internship experience within 30 days of the last day of your internship. This will be made available to later participants on our website and should be appropriate for readers in Kuwait.

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For AUK Students

AUK students who wish to intern at Dartmouth should contact Dr. Hanan Muzaffar, Vice President of Student Affairs, at AUK.

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