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Dateline: Salmiya, Kuwait

Dispatches From Kuwait

Fall 2019

A Visit to AUK

The Dartmouth-American University of Kuwait staff visited AUK at the beginning of October 2019.  We ran two information sessions about the two programs at Dartmouth for AUK students, sat in on several classes taught by past Faculty Fellows, and caught up with recent AUK interns - Taif and Jumana from summer 2019.  We also met with two  interns who were at Dartmouth in 2018 and 2014 - Omar Mattar and Nour Jaber, respectively.

L to R: Beth Hindmarsh, Dartmouth-AUK Program Manager, and 2019 interns at Dartmouth, Taif Albahar and Jumana Khalil. Photo by Nahla EL Helbawi.

information session at AUK