American University of Kuwait Reaffirms Dartmouth Partnership

AUK MOU signing April 2018

L to R: Sheikha Dana Al Sabah, Dr. Aseel Al-Awadhi, Amal Al-Binali

Agreement extends 15-year commitment to develop liberal arts education in the Gulf. Click here to read the article.


The AUK-Dartmouth Student Internship Program - A Decade of Success and BeyondA decade of success and beyond

Find out how the reciprocal internships that AUK and Dartmouth alumni experienced as undergraduates influenced what they are doing now. Click here to open the booklet.

Dartmouth Awards AUK Founder Shaikha Dana Al-Sabah Honorary Doctoral Degree

Shaikha Dana Al-SabahDartmouth will recognize nine accomplished men and women with honorary degrees at the College's 2017 Commencement on Sunday, June 11.

Shaikha Dana Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, founder and chair of the Board of Trustees of the American University of Kuwait (AUK), will receive a Doctor of Humane Letters from Dartmouth for founding Kuwait's first and only liberal arts university. Established in 2003 as an independent, private, equal opportunity, and coeducational institution, AUK offers a liberal arts education based on an American model, developed out of AUK's long-standing collaboration with Dartmouth.

Al-Sabah chairs United Education Company (UEC), Kuwait's leading company in the education sector. UEC consolidates seven K–12 schools, with over 12,500 students. The United Education network includes some of the leading American, Indian, and Pakistani schools in Kuwait.

She is also the chief executive officer of Al Futtooh Holding Co., the major stakeholder in Kuwait Projects Co. (KIPCO), a multi-sector operating holding company with a diversified portfolio spanning the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the wider Middle East and North Africa region.

Al-Sabah received a BA in English Literature from Kuwait University and studied at Indiana University Bloomington in Indiana.

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Chair of the Board of Trustees of the American University of Kuwait, Sheikha Dana Nasser Al-Sabah, announced today that on Sunday, October 23, 2016, AUK's Board of Trustees has voted unanimously to appoint Professor Earl L. "Tim" Sullivan as the fifth president of AUK, effective January 27, 2017. "Professor Sullivan brings a wealth of experience to this position and has a deep understanding of academic and administrative structures. He carries an impressive scholarly record and is committed to quality education.Sullivan is not a stranger to AUK; he has served as the interim president in 2010 and has been a board member since 2011," said Sheikha Dana. Click here for more on this story.

An Intern from Kuwait Finds Moments to Treasure at Dartmouth

alansari and hindmarsh
Budour AlAnsari and Elizabeth Hindmarsh, program manager for the Dartmouth-American University of Kuwait Program, pose for a photo at the top of Gile Mountain in Norwich, Vt.

A senior majoring in English at the American University of Kuwait (AUK), Budour AlAnsari is wrapping up a four-week internship at Dartmouth's Office of Communications. Click here to read her story.

Summer 2016 AUK Interns

Dartmouth will welcome students from AUK again this summer to intern in various departments around campus. Their brief biographies and pictures follow.

Hadeel El-Liethy
Hadeel El-Liethy

Hadeel El-Liethy is an accounting and finance major at the College of Business and Economics at the American University of Kuwait (AUK), class of 2017. During her four years at AUK, she has worked as a peer tutor, belonged to several clubs and organizations, been active in sports (basketball), volunteered, and worked as an administrative assistant. Currently, she is an intern in assurance (audit) at Ernst & Young, Kuwait. Hadeel aspires to work at an international company where she can travel around the world, pursuing new experiences and meeting new people. She will be interning with the TuckGO office, which manages Tuck's new global learning activities.

Vincent Puyat
Vincent Puyat

Vincent Puyat is a student majoring in finance at AUK's College of Business and Economics. He moved to Kuwait from the Philippines with his family when he was nine years old. At AUK, Vincent works regularly as a writing consultant at the Writing Center. He is also involved in the Student Council, as the business and economics delegate. He regularly represents AUK at competitions, especially those related to the College of Business and Economics. Vincent's interests are reading up on economics and finance, and playing video games in his spare time. He hopes to learn gain knowledge and experience during his internship with the TuckGO office, which manages Tuck's new global learning activities

Budour AlAnsari
Budour AlAnsari

Budour AlAnsari, a junior at the American University of Kuwait, is an English major with a minor in history. She has developed her English skills over 13 years while attending schools with a strong British-based educational system. A year abroad at Barnhill Primary School in Dundee, Scotland, encouraged her to become an open-minded individual who respects different cultures/beliefs. While in Dundee, Budour joined the Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Club and earned a green belt. She has been a member of school soccer teams, serving as team captain several times, and also is interested in art. At Dartmouth, she will be interning in the Office of Communications.

Omar Khalil
Omar Khalil

Omar Khalil is a sophomore studying computer engineering and seeking a minor in computer science at AUK. On campus, Omar works as a peer tutor in the university's Tutoring Center, specializing in assisting students with both programming and theoretical computer science courses. He also works as a consultant in the university's Writing Center. A lover of books and literature, Omar organized a student-run book club, for which he is president, and never leaves his house without a book in his backpack or loaded in his phone. He recently participated in Global Game Jam 2016, where he developed a game in 48 hours, and in IEEEXtreme The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers' 24-hour programming competition, where he ranked above 68 percent of 2,500 contestants competing worldwide. He will be participating in the Secure Information Systems Mentoring and Training (SISMAT) cyber security two-week boot camp at Dartmouth.

Zeinab Mohammed
Zeinab Mohammed

Zeinab Mohammed is originally from Somalia but lived with her family in Syria until she was able to leave for Kuwait in 2013. In spring 2014, she enrolled at AUK and chose computer engineering as a major. She is involved in many clubs and organizations at AUK, either as an active member or as a volunteer. She wants to complete her studies in the field of network security and become a professor. Her experiences have made her passionate about making change in the world so that it will be a good place to live for the coming generations. She will be participating in the Secure Information Systems Mentoring and Training (SISMAT) cyber security two-week boot camp at Dartmouth.


Multifaceted Cooperation Engages Tuck MBAs in Long-term Planning Exercise for AUK's College of Business and Economics

During the 2016–17 academic year, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth will engage with the American University of Kuwait by sending Tuck students to Kuwait as part of Tuck's OnSite Global Consulting program. The team will work for AUK, researching and recommending methods to enhance the current business and economics curriculum and conducting market studies to determine demand for growth and expansion in AUK business and economics offerings.

wang, hamzeh, eickelman
L-R: Dean Jin Wang, President Nizar Hamzeh, Professor Dale Eickelman

"We are eager to welcome the Tuck MBA students to our university and benefit from the experience and perspective they can offer in our strategic planning process," says Nizar Hamzeh, president of the American University of Kuwait. "AUK has a well-established undergraduate business program and is currently under consideration for accreditation by the AACSB program. We believe the in-depth research and strategic guidance the Tuck team provides will build nicely on our foundation of quality education and drive us even further in that direction." Dean Jin Wang of AUK's College of Business and Economics adds, "We are committed to continuous improvement and to preparing our students to envision and serve domestic, regional, and international needs. Tuck and AUK can learn from one another."

L-R: Beth Hindmarsh, Kerry Laufer, Dean Matthew Slaughter, Professor Dale Eickelman

Tuck School Dean Matthew Slaughter remarks, "As we prepare future global business leaders at Tuck, nothing is more critical than hands-on experience engaging with other cultures. The launch ofTuckGO this year ensures that all Tuck students have an immersive global business experience in a country new to them moving forward. We are proud to provide experiences like these in partnership with schools like AUK that are leaders in important global markets."

In addition to sending Tuck MBAs to Kuwait for consulting purposes, TuckGO, which includes global-focused required and elective courses as well as an exchange program, will welcome two AUK student interns in the summer of 2016. The students will work with the various TuckGO international programs and participate in educational seminars to gain exposure to the operations of an American graduate business school. Dale F. Eickelman, Lazarus Professor of Anthropology and relationship coordinator for the Dartmouth-AUK Program, adds, "The Dartmouth-AUK program has welcomed interns since 2005. The addition of AUK internships for students at Tuck in 2016 is a first for both institutions and a first step toward exploring other cooperative possibilities." Beth Hindmarsh, Dartmouth-AUK program coordinator, says, "This collaboration with Tuck adds an exciting dimension to the offerings we have for AUK students who come to Dartmouth in the summer."

About Tuck OnSite Global Consulting

OnSite Global Consulting is a core offering of Tuck's global programming. The course offers a wide range of international consulting services to corporations, not-for-profits, and governments where additional resources and strategic support are needed. Projects are short-term (10–12 weeks) and highly focused and concentrate on delivering immediate solutions to specific operational and business development challenges. OnSite is one of the programs central to the TuckGO global initiative at Tuck.

Summer 2015 AUK Interns

Our summer interns, Zahraa Hamadi and Ali Kelkawi, have left Dartmouth to return home to Kuwait, but not before they did some traveling. We enjoyed having them here and wish them both well. 

Fall 2015 Intern

Tim Rizvanov, a junior, will be the Dartmouth intern at AUK this fall.

Junior Tim Rizvanov
Junior Tim Rizvanov

Dartmouth students work in three different departments at AUK. For Tim, those three departments are the library, the Intensive English Program, and the Center for Research in Informatics, Sciences, and Engineering (RISE). His long-term goal is to be a professor in the analytic social sciences. He deems the opportunity to go to Kuwait a significant contribution to his overall understanding of the world.

Faculty Fellow

This summer, our seventh AUK faculty member came to Dartmouth to do research.

Andrei Zavaliy
Andrei Zavaliy

The first Fellow was sponsored by the Leslie Center for the Humanities; two Fellows were sponsored by Thayer School of Engineering; one Fellow was sponsored by the medical school’s Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (iQBS); and two Fellows were sponsored by the Department of English. This year’s Fellow, Andrei Zavaliy, is sponsored by the Department of Philosophy. Zavaliy sat down to talk with us while he was on campus. Click here for the interview.

Dartmouth Welcomes Summer 2015 AUK Interns 

 AUK sophomore Ali Kelkawi

Ali Kelkawi is a sophomore majoring in computer engineering at the American University of Kuwait. At AUK, he is an intermediate office assistant at the Office of Student Life, assisting in organizing events on campus, and a peer tutor at the Tutoring Center, tutoring colleagues in various courses, such as chemistry, mathematics, programming, and computer engineering. Ali is vice president of the Student Council and is passionate about bringing forth change at AUK. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and playing the guitar. Ali says he is thrilled to be an intern at Dartmouth College and wishes to make a positive impact on the Rassias Program.

AUK senior Zahraa Hamadi

Zahraa Hamadi is a senior graphic design student at AUK. She is Kuwaiti, born and raised in Thailand; at age 12, she moved back to Kuwait. Her early interest in art and culture formed the stepping-stones that led her to a career in graphic design. She once represented AUK in an interview on live television. Zahraa’s works have won numerous awards, including AUK’s President’s Exhibition and third place in a painting competition organized by ARGANA Hotels & Resorts in partnership with the UNDP. During her free time, Zahraa enjoys painting, traveling, and learning new languages. She takes pride in constantly searching for opportunities to greater gain knowledge.

Vox Populi: An Unforgettable Summer Experience

Nour Jaber, a 2014 graduate of the American University of Kuwait (AUK) has spent the past month on campus through the Dartmouth-AUK internship program. For the first two weeks of her internship, she worked at the Hood Museum of Art; she is spending the last two as an intern with the Office of Public Affairs.

AUK grad Nour Jaber

"Coming to Hanover from Kuwait was a long trip, with long flights, long transits, and an even longer bus ride. But arriving here was one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced. For the first time in my life I was alone and independent, with an internship to complete and a ton of things to learn. ..."

Click here for the full story as published in Dartmouth Now.

AUK Celebrates 10-Year Milestone

A decade ago, the American University of Kuwait (AUK) opened its doors. Today, Kuwait's first liberal arts college is an unequivocal success. "Over the past 10 years, we have obtained national and international accreditation for our academic programs, received institutional achievement awards, and won numerous inter-collegial competitions," noted AUK president Nizar Hamzeh. "I am confident that we will continue this path of excellence if we maintain our commitment to our mission, vision and goals." AUK Chronicle celebrates the school's milestone achievement with a special issue that includes testimonials and praise from those who know AUK best. Click here to to read the anniversary edition.

Nizar Hamzeh Appointed President of AUK

nizar hamzeh
Dr. Nizar Hamzeh
Interim president and provost Dr. Nizar Hamzeh, the 4th president of AUK


The American University of Kuwait's Board of Trustees voted unanimously to appoint Dr. Nizar Hamzeh the fourth president of AUK on January 26, 2014. The unanimous board action signaled a strong and clear endorsement for Hamzeh, who has been instrumental in leading and advancing the mission of the university during his tenure as interim president and provost. For more of this article, click here.

December 2013 Kuwait Working Visit

kuwait visit december 2013
Dale Eickelman and Elizabeth Hindmarsh with interns at AUK, December 2013

December 6–11. Dale F. Eickelman, relationship coordinator of the Dartmouth–AUK Program, and Elizabeth Hindmarsh, program manager, visited the American University of Kuwait at the end of last year. For Elizabeth, this first visit provided an opportunity for her to experience Kuwait and AUK directly. The visit also helped to enhance the working relationships sustained primarily by email and teleconferencing.

AUK Student Internships at Dartmouth

Summer. The Dartmouth–AUK internship program continues to thrive on both campuses. Twenty-seven AUK students have come to Dartmouth since the internship programs began, and 27 Dartmouth students have traveled to the AUK campus as of July 2013.

While at Dartmouth, AUK students work with the Dartmouth Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures, the Hood Museum of Art, and the Office of Public Affairs. Dartmouth students who interned in Kuwait have highlighted participation in the Dartmouth at AUK internship program as a distinctive international opportunity.

Also, for the third year in a row, AUK students participated, at Dartmouth's invitation, in the prestigious Secure Information Systems Mentoring and Training program (SISMAT). Click here to learn more about the SISMAT program experience in an article by AUK student Stephanie Khalil, who interned at the Hood/Public Affairs.

AUK Faculty Fellow at Dartmouth

June 10. Ghazi Nassir, associate professor of English language and literature at the American University of Kuwait, served as the AUK Faculty Fellow at Dartmouth last summer. Dr. Nassir worked under the sponsorship of Donald Pease, the Ted and Helen Geisel Third Century Professor in the Humanities and chair of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program. Dr. Ghazi used the opportunity to further his research for his next book. This is the fifth year an AUK Faculty Fellow has come to Dartmouth.

AUK Graduation 2013

June 10. Dartmouth–AUK Program relationship coordinator Dale F. Eickelman gave the commencement address at the 2013 graduation ceremony at AUK. In his address, Dr. Eickelman noted the partnership "helps us expand our academic imaginations." Read more by clicking here.

Renewal - Memorandum of Understanding

agreement signing
L-R: Dale Eickelman, relationship coordinator; Tim Sullivan, AUK trustee; Carol Folt, Dartmouth interim president; Dana Nasser Al Sabah, AUK Board of Trustees chair.

April 25. The Memorandum of Understanding between Dartmouth College and the American University of Kuwait that underlies the Dartmouth–AUK Program was renewed last spring for another five years. The agreement is effective 2013–18. Click here to read more about the event.


US Culture for AUK Students

The AUK interns who come to Dartmouth each summer are exposed to US culture while working at the College in the departments to which they are assigned. "Culture" here means the taken-for-granted workplace assumptions about how people work together and meet in public. However, an effort is made to expose them to cultural experiences outside of work.

Muneera, Stephanie, Beth preparing shortcake
Muneera Al-Khulaifi and Stephanie Khalil, the 2013 interns, and Beth Hindmarsh, DC-AUK Program Manager, cut up strawberries to make strawberry shortcake.

One of those experiences, the Fourth of July, or Independence Day (a "National Day" in the global world), happens to fall while the interns are here and is an excellent opportunity for them to experience an important public day in the annual calendar of the United States. Hanover, New Hampshire, has an "old-fashioned" Fourth of July, with a parade down Main Street and around the Green as well as games, food, a pie-eating contest, pony rides, entertainment, and live musical performances. There also are public fireworks displays.

A traditional dessert at this time of year is strawberry shortcake, because strawberries grow abundantly at this time, and sometimes the interns get to help prepare this dessert. Interns also like to go to the Hanover Farmer's Market on the Dartmouth Green, which takes place every Wednesday during the summer. People at the market enjoy family fun, visit with friends, and fill their refrigerators with locally grown greens, strawberries and blueberries, cheeses, meats, eggs, and lots of prepared foods and crafts.

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A welcome gathering at the home of Christine and Dale Eickelman for our American University of Kuwait friends who are on the Dartmouth campus this summer. A summary of their activities will appear in August. Photo by Muneera Al-Khulaifi


Visit by KFAS Director
On April 9, the director of the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), Dr. Adnan Shehab-Eldin, visited the Dartmouth campus to explore mutually beneficial possibilities for Dartmouth and KFAS.

Eickelman Folt Shehab-Eldin
L-R: Dale Eickelman, Carol Folt, Adnan Shehab-Eldin; photo by Corinne Girouard

Dartmouth and AUK Reaffirm Commitment

Leaders from Dartmouth and the American University of Kuwait (AUK) met April 25 to reaffirm their partnership, which deepens and expands the liberal arts experience on both campuses, by signing a third memorandum of understanding between the institutions. Click here for the full story.

Eickleman Folt Al Sabah Sullivan
L-R: Dale Eickelman, Carol Folt, Shaika Dana Nasser Al Sabah, Tim Sullivan; photo by Eli Burakian


AUK Student Interns

Salem Al-Salem
Salem Al-Salem

Salem Al-Salem is a junior at the American University of Kuwait. A major in international relations with a minor in history, Salem says he is excited to visit Dartmouth College as it will be his first visit to the United States. He was born and raised in Kuwait and has been educated in the American system throughout his life. His passions include reading, volunteering, debating, all outdoor activities, traveling, and, most importantly, the arts. Salem is a board member of the Fine Arts Society at AUK. He says he is honored to be an intern at Dartmouth College and looks forward to learning about and experiencing American culture. He will be interning at the Hood Museum of Art and in the Office of Public Affairs and the Media Production Group.

Stephanie Khalil
Stephanie Khalil

Stephanie Khalil is a third-year student at the American University of Kuwait, majoring in communications and media. She is Lebanese but grew up in Kuwait. Stephanie has worked as a peer tutor for the Intensive English Program at AUK and, in the spring of 2012, was employed as an AUK Writing Center consultant, where she currently works. She also is treasurer of the university's book club, the AUK Diwaniya. Stephanie is interested in history and says she is excited to be doing an internship at the Hood Museum of Art and at the Office of Public Affairs and the Media Production Group at Dartmouth. This visit will be her first to the United States and she says she is looking forward to learning about American culture firsthand.

Muneera Al-Khulaifi
Muneera Al-Khulaifi

Muneera Al-Khulaifi is a junior at the American University of Kuwait, where she majors in English literature. She is a Kuwaiti citizen and likes traveling to learn about other cultures and have new experiences. Muneera is fluent in Arabic and English—she taught English to several of her family members—and has a basic knowledge of Spanish. She also has an interest in speech therapy and volunteers in the community, which helps her develop her leadership skills. She is looking forward to this experience and says she is honored to be an intern at Dartmouth College. Her internship will be with the Accelerated Language Programs at the Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures.

AUK SISMAT Participants

Two AUK students, Khaled Al-Qahtani and Dana Al-Muttar, will again participate this summer in the Secure Information Systems Mentoring and Training (SISMAT) program through Dartmouth's Institute for Security, Technology, and Society (ISTS). Khaled is following in the footsteps of his sister, Dalaa, who was one of the first AUK students to participate in SISMAT in 2011. Dana is the treasurer for the AUK branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). 

Faculty Fellow
The Faculty Fellow/Visiting Scholar at Dartmouth this summer will be Ghazi Q. Nassir, an associate professor of English at AUK. He will be sponsored by Donald Pease, the Ted and Helen Geisel Third Century Professor in the Humanities and director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program.

Ghazi Q. Nassir
Dr. Ghazi Q. Nassir

Dr. Nassir has been a faculty member at AUK since 2004. He earned a PhD from Florida State University in 1989 and an MA from Marshall University in West Virginia in 1982. He has many teaching and research interests, such as 18th-century British literature and drama and the image of Arabs in Hollywood films. He is the author of Samuel Johnson's Attitudes Toward Islam: A Study of His Oriental Readings and Writings. He is currently working on a manuscript entitled The Perceptions and Representations of Islam and Muslims in English Literature (three volumes), which has been accepted by the Edwin Mellen Press.

Learning Happened at the Hood, Summer 2012

This summer was the fourth year the Hood Museum of Art has hosted interns from the American University of Kuwait. The internships offer a hands-on educational and professional experience that enable students to learn how art museums function.

AUK interns at Hood
 AUK interns Yousef Abdul-Husain (left) and Helene Georges El Neaman (right) with Lesley Wellman (center), Hood Foundation Curator of Education

"In addition, interns have specific projects that they work on while they are here," notes Lesley Wellman, Hood Foundation Curator of Education. "These projects are designed to capitalize on students' expertise and interests and to help the museum accomplish its mission as a teaching museum." This year's projects focused on marketing and education resource development. Wellman says, "[Interns] Helene El Neaman and Yousef Abdul-Husain did an excellent job designing posters to help promote our upcoming exhibitions and researching materials for teacher resources related to those same shows."

While Abdul-Husain and El Neaman were hard at work at the Hood, the museum announced that Lesley Wellman was named the 2012 National Museum Art Educator of the Year by the National Art Education Association.

2009 Dartmouth-AUK Intern's Research Honored with Chase Peace Prize

Charles Dameron '11
 Charles Dameron '11

When Dartmouth-AUK intern Charles Dameron was in Kuwait in 2009, his assignments included research and teaching in Professor Christopher Ohan's Oral History course and working with student journalists at The Voice of AUK. Both experiences proved valuable in the course of writing his senior thesis at Dartmouth, for which he was recently awarded the prestigious Chase Peace Prize. Dameron's thesis focused on the effectiveness of state-sponsored media.

The Chase Peace Prize is awarded annually by Dartmouth's Dickey Center for International Understanding. Dameron found that the more objective the broadcast, the more audiences wanted to listen. "And listenership translates to impact," Dameron said in a public forum at Dartmouth in February 2012.

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The Buzz about Data

By Beth Hindmarsh

What do computer games and the study of bee swarms have to do with cancer research? They are both pieces of the human disease jigsaw that, while seemingly unrelated, might yield powerful new tools of diagnosis and treatment. What they share is high-powered computing. Without it, computer games could not do the amazing things they do, solving how swarms of bees (or colonies of ants, schools of fish, or flocks of birds) seem to work as one entity would be impossible, and applying that knowledge to research into human disease processes, particularly cancer, would be unlikely to yield answers.

el abd in office
 Mohammad El Abd and Jason H. Moore

How high-powered computing might be applied to research in human disease was examined this summer by Mohammed El Abd, an assistant professor of computer engineering and expert in particle swarm optimization (PSO) at the American University of Kuwait, and Jason Moore, director of the Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (iQBS) at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. El Abd is the fourth Faculty Fellow to study with a Dartmouth colleague.

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Dartmouth Welcomes AUK Interns This Summer

Five students from the American University of Kuwait (AUK) will be at Dartmouth in summer 2012 to participate in internships and attend an intensive program designed to train computer science majors in electronic infrastructure security.

spring 2012 interns
AUK students (left to right) Helene Georges El Neaman, Kevork Awakimian, Eman Karam, Yousef Abdul-Husain, and Wadhah Al-Dalama will intern at Dartmouth this summer. 

Yousef Abdul-Husain and Helene Georges El Neaman will divide their time at Dartmouth between internships at the Hood Museum of Art and the Office of Public Affairs, while Kevork Awakimian will work with programs in the Rassias Center for World Languages. Wadhah Al-Dalama and Eman Karam will attend the Secure Information Systems and Mentoring Program (SISMAT) offered through Dartmouth's Institute for Security, Technology, and Society (ISTS).

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Dartmouth Student at AUK for Spring Term

J. Waugh
Jacqueline Waugh '13 

AUK welcomed Dartmouth intern Jacqueline Waugh '13 this spring. Waugh, who will be at AUK until the end of May 2012, will be working in the Center for Gulf Studies, Intensive English program, and with the EDUC program.

Waugh, from central New York State, is in her third year at Dartmouth studying international relations and anthropology, focusing on the Middle East. She is involved in a number of activities on campus, including ballroom and salsa dancing, and is a sister at Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority.

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AUK Welcomes New Dartmouth Intern

Travis Michael Cramer, hailing from Portland, Oregon, is a member of the class of 2012 at Dartmouth College. He is an Anthropology major and is interested in education management. In the past he has served as an executive of several extracurricular clubs, worked as a behavioral neuroscience research assistant, and participated in choir, musical theatre, and track and cross country running. On campus he is involved in community service activities such as tutoring local elementary and middle school students and helping foreign students learn English. He is also involved in a campus Christian group and is the Service and Philanthropy Chair of Zeta Psi Fraternity. Travis is looking forward to learning about the Middle East and meeting and working with the students, faculty, and staff of AUK. Travis will be working in the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, the Writing Center, and with the Student Success Center. Travis will be at AUK until the end of May 2011. Travis is the 13th intern since 2005 to join AUK from Dartmouth College.