Tessera with bust

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Near Eastern, Palmyrene
2nd century BCE—2nd century CE
Hood Museum of Art: Gift of Mr. and Mrs. William Eddy, Class of 1934; 179.20.25871.c

Both sides of this tessera feature busts of Palmyran priests, as indicated by the distinctly shaped kalathos caps worn by each figure. One side of the tessera is decorated with celestial imagery. The symbol of a star can be found to the left of the priest while a crescent shape, possibly alluding to the moon, can be seen to the right. On the other side of the token (above), two branches are found on either side of the image of the priest. The motif of plant life is found often in the art of Palmyra and its presence here may bear connection with the city’s reputation an oasis and land of palms.

This text was prepared by Mellon Special Projects Intern Amanda Manker

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