Red-figure kylix

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Attributed to the Epidromos Painter
520–500 BCE
8.0 x 26.0 cm
Hood Museum of Art:
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Winfield Smith, Class of 1918; C.970.35

This red-figure drinking cup depicts a nude male binding his wrist and hand in preparation for boxing. As he drained the last of the wine from it, a banqueter would for the first time have been able to see the purple inscription EPIDROMOS KALOS (Epidromos is beautiful), a reference to an admired youth.  The artist composed his drawing in such a way as to fill the circular field evenly while showing off his talent for depicting the human figure. A discus, a pick to loosen the ground for wrestling, and a pair of jumping weights establish the athletic setting and suggest that the boxer was also a participant in the pentathlon. The sponge, the strigil to wipe away perspiration, and the jar of scented oil were used for personal hygiene. Such scenes of male activity were particularly popular with Athenian vase painters during the sixth century.

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Further reading

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