Figurine of a man with cloak and tall hat

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About 2nd century CE
Bronze with red copper inlay
12 x 3.5 x 1.5 cm
Yale University Art Gallery: Gift of Thomas T. Solley, B.A. 1950; 2002.15.13

This small bronze figure depicts a bearded man, wrapped in voluminous cloak with a tall pointed hood. His cloak ends below his knees, and he wears boots on his feet. His arms are folded against his chest beneath the cloak, creating ridges in its surface. Strips of red copper run along the front of the cloak up over his hood, creating the color contrast popular in ancient bronzes. Although various dates and identifications have been proposed for the figure, it probably depicts a deity popular in Roman Gaul and Britain, the genius cucullatus, and the technical aspects of the piece confirm a date in the second century CE. The dignified and stately spirit of the bronze, however, is closer to Classical Greek art than much Gallo-Roman work, and demonstrates how Roman art could adapt earlier styles to new uses.

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