Denarius of Hadrian, “VOTA PVBLICA”

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118 CE
Mint of Rome
Yale University Art Gallery: Yale-French Excavations at Dura-Europos; 1938.6000.1999

Obverse: a bust of a Hadrian, bearded, laureate, facing right, with drapery on his left shoulder.

Legend: IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADRIANVS AVG, or “Imperator Caesar Trajan Hadrian Augustus,” clockwise from 6 o’clock. Border of dots.

Reverse: A female figure, veiled and dressed in a long cloak, standing right, with both arms raised.

Legend: VOT (left), PVB (right), “public vows,” in the field. PM TR P COS III, “Pontifex Maximus, endowed with tribunician power, Consul for the third time,” clockwise from 7 o’clock.

This text was prepared by Reagan Fischer, Class of 2012.

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BMC 88, 94-96 (Pl. 48.12, 15)

See also Plates 46-52 for variations with Pietas, FEL AVG, Pax, Concord, FORTRED, IVSTITIA, AET AVG, CLEM,  Felicitas, Genius, Hercules, Hilaritas, LIB PVB, Liberalitas, Providentia, Salus, SAEC AVR (Golden Age), etc.

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