Denarius of Hadrian, “RESTITVTOR HISPANIAE”

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134–138 CE
Mint of Rome
Yale University Art Gallery: Transfer from Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University; 2001.87.6605

Obverse: The obverse shows the head of Hadrian, bearded, wearing a laureate crown and facing right, with drapery visible on his left shoulder.

Legend: On the left edge of the coin, curving around the back of the head “HADRIANUS” is written. On the right edge of the coin, curving along the edge are the words “AVG COS III P P” meaning ‘Augustus, consul for the third time and father of his people.’

Reverse: The reverse of the coin shows a togate Hadrian (right), raising up Hispania (left) with his left hand and holding a scroll in his right. Hispania is kneeling and holding a palm branch against her left shoulder with her left hand in her lap and her right hand clasped in Hadrian’s. Her hair is pulled back into a bun at the back of her neck. A rabbit sits between them. In stature the two figures are equal, superiority is indicated primarily by Hadrian’s standing position vs. Hispania’s kneeling position.


This text was prepared by Catherine Darragh, Class of 2013.

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BMC 1814-1822 (Pl. 96.8, 9); RIC 327

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