Denarius of Hadrian, “NILVS”

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136 CE
Mint of Rome
Yale University Art Gallery: Transfer from Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University; 2001.87.6602

Obverse: A bust of Hadrian Laureate faces right.

Legend: HADRIANVS AVG COSIII PP (Hadrian Augustus, Consul for the third time, Father of his Country) clockwise from 7 o’clock. Border of dots.

Reverse: Reclining bearded male figure faces right, holding a cornucopia in his left hand, resting on his right elbow on pillows and drapery. Reeds below. Crocodile above to his right. NILVS in field above right. Border of dots.

This text was prepared by Max Kingsley, Class of 2014.

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BMC 857-865 (Pl.  63.15-20); RIC 31

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