Denarius of Hadrian, “COS III”

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125–128 CE
Mint of Rome
Yale University Art Gallery: Transfer from Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University Gift of Father Riggs, 1938; 2001.87.6063

Obverse: A laureate head of Hadrian facing right with traces of drapery on his left shoulder.

Legend: HADRIANVS (left) – AVGVSTVS (right) framing the portrait.

Reverse: Religious implements, from left to right: simpulum (single handed cup), aspergillum (horse-tail sprinkler), ewer (vase-shaped pitcher), and lituus (curved augural staff).

Legend: COS III (consul for the third time) above.

This text was prepared by Olivia Durr, Class of 2013.

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BMC 453, 454 (Pl. 55.11, 70.12, 13); RIC 198

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