Denarius of Hadrian, “AEGYPTOS”

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134–138 CE
Mint of Rome
Yale University Art Gallery: Transfer from Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University; 2001.87.6604

Obverse: The coin depicts a portrait of the Emperor Hadrian facing right, wearing laurels and a full beard. A border of small circles is still visible around portions of the coin.

Legend: HADRIANUS AVG COS III PP, Hadrianus Augustus, Consul for the third time, Pater Patriae (father of his country).

Reverse: A female figures is shown reclining with flowing robes wrapping around her outstretched legs and a serpent by her side. Her left arm rests behind her on what may be a basket, and her raised right hand displays a Sistrum used in religious worship. An Ibis bird perches at the feet of the figure, gazing in the direction of her face.

Legend: AEGYPTOS, or Egypt, in the field above the figure, clockwise from 9:00.

This text was prepared by Charles Smith, Class of 2012.

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BMC 793-807 (Pl. 62.15-18); RIC 297

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