Jewish Studies


Jewish Studies 41

Art and Archaeology of Israel: From Prehistory to the Roman period
Steve Kangas

This course examines the archaeology of Israel from prehistory through the early Roman period, with emphasis on cultural interactions and their material manifestations. Ancient Israel was a crossroads where many different cultures met. Home to Canaanites and Israelites, Israel successively experienced the cultural and artistic impact of Egyptians, Assyrians, Greeks, and Romans, who either invaded this region or came into contact with it through a variety of more peaceful processes.

Professor Kangas assigned the students two artifact research papers on the objects in the loan: female figurine (1912.440) and pillar figure (1986.100.2). The students were asked to research each object as thoroughly as possible to find out what scholars have written on these types of objects. He also required the students to visit the study-storage to observe the objects in detail during designated times. He emphasized the importance of describing the formal properties of the work, and analyzing their content or subject-matter, as well as cultural and historical context.

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