About Us

X.ado (ZAH-doh) is Dartmouth College's co-ed, Christian a cappella group. Our name has two parts: the Greek letter Chi is the first letter in Xristos which means Christ, and “ado” means "to sing for". Founded in 1992, we've spent 25 years sharing the good news of Christ through music. Our repertoire ranges from gospel to choral to pop, and our venues range from Dartmouth fraternities to churches to locations like Seattle, WA or Seoul, South Korea during our annual tour!

Our Purpose

X.ado exists as both a performing a cappella group and a ministry on Dartmouth's campus. Externally, we strive to use the voices, senses of humor, and the other talents that we believe God has given us, in order to glorify Him and to spread the message of the love and salvation that can be found through Christ. Internally, we strive to work together in making music, and to encourage each other in our spiritual walks, daily grind of Dartmouth living, and really all aspects of life. We are constantly seeking to love God more, to love each other more, and to share the hope given to us by that amazing love that has found each of us.

Our Story

Written in Fall 1998 by Jeff Cummins '98:


This page is here because the story of what has happened to X.ado at Dartmouth is the story of God's faithfulness to a handful of college students, of the power of the Holy Spirit, and the power of prayer to open doors that were not only closed, but were never even imagined.

A cappella has always been a big deal at Dartmouth. There are men's groups, women's groups, co-ed groups, barbershop groups, doo-wop groups, and on and on. A cappella concerts are huge, almost always packed out of the fraternity basements and dorm lounges they're held in.

In 1992, a group of Christian '94s, '95s, and '96s who enjoyed music and had a desire to share the gospel with the Dartmouth campus decided to bring their message to the a cappella scene. They called their group Xado, which they had been told was an ancient Greek word meaning "Praising God Together." The group had seven members, male and female, and lasted for about a year. Scott Lawrence '95 was the pitch of the group. They gave a concert in winter term '93, but then gradually faded away.

But the vision did not die away. Steve Park '98 felt a desire to see Christian a cappella at Dartmouth, and he, Mi Ryung An '96, who had been in the original Xado, and Judy Yi '97 decided to do something about it. And so in winter '95, Xado was refounded, and the present group came into existence. Six '98s, two '97s, a '96 and Grad student were the founding members. Xado performed a few concerts on campus and, as a highlight of the year, sang at Gospel Jam '95 at Yale.

Unfortunately, a bit of Greek research by Josh Chuang '98 revealed that Xado did not mean what we thought it meant. Apparently, it meant nothing at all. Although this was better than it meaning something inapprorpriate, we felt that it was time to find a new name. A few possibilities such as TGFKAX (The Group Formerly Known As Xado), the Dartmouth S.O.U.L, and Generation Cross were suggested. Fortunately, perhaps, none stuck.

In the end, however, the problem was solved. Although Xado doesn't mean anything, the word "Ado" means "to sing to" or "sing praises to." We decided that the X stood for Xristos -- Jesus Christ, and added the period to our name. And so now we say, "Ado" means to sing for, and the X stands for Christ. As do we.

'95-'96 was a growth year for X.ado. People seemed to be constantly coming and going, and too busy to devote as much time as they wanted to the group. We struggled with discipline, we struggled with personality conflicts, and we struggled with music. But God was faithful. He carried us through.

The fall of '96 looked at first like it might see the end of X.ado. The '96s had graduated, and every one of the '98s were either off campus or too busy to sing. And so, to begin the third year, 5 people started out, feeling like they had to rebuild X.ado from scratch again.

However, though we may forget it all too often, God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever ask or imagine. Not only did X.ado survive the year of '96-'97, we thrived. In the fall, God opened a door for us, and through prayer, a lot of effort, and not a few miraculous provisions, we did the unimaginable. Gospel Jam '97 was held at Dartmouth College on April 4 and 5, 1997. X.ado sang as much in the term following as we had in the whole year before.

The summer of '97 was a chance for us to catch up with everything that has happened with us in the past year. We concentrated on arranging new music and finding a clearer vision for ourselves and the Dartmouth campus. In the meantime, we enjoyed the fellowship of the group of singers that has become a band of friends. Of course, life is never without its ups and downs (and waterfalls...)

God did amazing things with X.ado yet again in the fall of '97. We entered the term with 7 members, 5 of them men, and at our auditions God blessed us with 7 more. (parable of the talents...?) It was like we were a brand new group, which brought us all the excitement of beginnings, as well as their troubles. By God's blessing, we were able to do things we would never have dreamed of last year. We hosted Columbia's Jubilation! and Rutgers' First Light at Dartmouth for our fall concert.

And over winter break in 1997, we went on tour for the first time. X.ado toured Boston for four days, singing in hospitals, on the street, at a college, and joining with MIT's Cross Products for fellowship and joint events. We ended up at Harvard for Under Construction's Christmas Jam. Four years ago, when a few people got together and decided to form a Christian a cappella group at Dartmouth, they never imagined we would come so far so fast. God is faithful.

In March 1997, we had a real tour. We flew to California, and we sang at high schools, churches, college campuses, and on the streets. We bonded in ways we didn't expect, and were surprised at how many people we could squeeze into Peter's car. Our Father blessed us with beautiful weather for an entire week (it started raining as soon as we left for the airport!), appreciative audiences, and the privilege of helping a friend we met to return to his Lord and ours. We felt that God had established us.

We went to Gospel Jam '98 at Mount Holyoke College on a spiritual high, thrilled about God's working in us, and excited to bring His message. But then in Spring '98, we came again to the trial. The unity we had felt in the beginning of the year had cracked somewhere, and people felt like they were falling through those cracks. We struggled with issues that people could never seem to make each other understand, and sometimes seemed as though we were standing on the edge of collapse. But our Father loves us, and has plans for us, even when we wander away from Him. We struggled in our hearts and in our discussions, and Jesus carried us all the times we couldn't see Him. And in the end, we survived.

And so we begin Fall '98 ready to start afresh. We have been exalted, and we have been humbled, but the place we desire to be is in our Lord's hands. This one thing we do: "forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, we press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us Heavenward in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 3:13-14). We have asked God to bring some of you with us in our journey, and we trust He will lead you on.


The above was written 20 years ago and still rings true today. Year after year, God continues to be faithful to X.ado and use us as He sees fit. Additionally, we owe so much to all of the people who have continued to support us through the years. X.ado is still going strong, and that is because of God and what God has done through you!

Meet our members

Amber Cai '21

Amber is a Psychology major from Shanghai, China and Toronto, Canada (it’s complicated). She loves A Cappella, theatre, worship, dance, and over-investing in extracurricular activities. She is a X.ado alto baby!

Leslie An '21

Leslie is a '21 from Harrison, NY and considers herself to be a part of the best class ever. While she doesn't know what her prospective major or career is, at least she knows that music makes her cry half the time and that she loves to sing.

Paul Jeon '21

Hailing from Fairfield, CT, Paul currently sings bass in X.ado and is especially proud to have been part of the "finest baby skit in X.ado history." He loves Jesus, his family, and the Chicago White Sox (...in that order). When he's not singing, some of Paul's favorite artists to listen to are Switchfoot, Lecrae, and David Crowder* Band ("unforeseen" > "sloppy wet"!). He is currently undecided with regards to what he will study at Dartmouth; however, he enjoys reading and writing and will likely pursue something in the humanities.

Joe Chavez '20

Joe is a '20 majoring in Engineering from Los Angeles, and he has been in X.ado since his freshman fall. Outside of X.ado, he does Men's Club Water Polo and is a Quest Scholar on campus. Joe loves spending quality time with his friends. He is an avid lover of all things Disney, the beach, and the environment. If he's not at rehearsal, hanging out with his fraternity brothers, or telling someone the environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet, he's probably pulling an all-nighter in Novack.

Robert Moore '20

Robert is a ’20 from Marietta, GA. He is pre-med and is majoring in psychology with a minor in biology and music. When he’s not singing or studying, you can find him down on the Connecticut River kayaking or in a Bible Study with his friends in Christian Union.

Christian Williams '19

Christian is a Film Major, Theater Minor from Norman, Oklahoma. His football team is better than yours, and he can pull a movie quote out of nowhere to fit any situation. Sometimes a bass, and sometimes a tenny, his vocal percussion skills have caused some to wonder if Neal Peart is in the group.

Eva Wang '19

Eva is a ‘19 from China majoring in Math and Econ, and she joined X.ado as a soprano in freshman fall. Eva is a nickname for Evangeline, which means the bringer of good news; she hopes to bring sunshine and hope to everyone around her! Eva loves to watch football, explore new destinations, and cook for her friends. You can always find Eva on FFB with lots of KAF, and if you can’t tell which one is her, she’s got very very long hair.

Madeline Ditzler '19

Madeline is from San Francisco, and studies studio art and engineering. Outside of X.ado, she enjoys painting, reading, and hiking with friends. Madeline joined X.ado her junior year, and sings alto.

Brooke Hadley '18

Brooke is a Native American Studies major from Denton, Texas. She loves history research and hanging out with friends! Brooke has been in X.ado since her freshman year, singing alto and sometimes soprano.

David Oh '18
Business Pitch

David is a senior from La Canada, CA majoring in computer science. He joined X.ado his freshman year, sings mostly bass, and currently serves as the Business Pitch. Outside of X.ado, he enjoys spending his time playing basketball and watching Game of Thrones.

Elisabeth Pillsbury '18
Outreach Pitch

Elisabeth is a Computer Science major and Linguistics minor from Hanover, NH. She has sung alto in X.ado since joining her freshman year and is currently serving as this year's Outreach Coordinator. In her spare time, Elisabeth enjoys playing piano and making jewelry.

James Wang '18

Born and raised in Seattle, James is a computer science major who has hobbies ranging from weightlifting to IT consulting. During his downtime, you can find James enjoying an epic fantasy novel, catching up on TV, or posting an update to his food-inspired Instagram. James is currently with X.ado for his 4th and final year singing tenor.

Madison Sabol '18
Spiritual Pitch

Madison is a senior from Philadelphia and studies French and Environmental Studies at Dartmouth. She joined X.ado her sophomore year and sings soprano. Madison currently serves X.ado as Spiritual Pitch. During her time at Dartmouth, she discovered her love for natural wine and became very passionate about the sustainability of agriculture. In her spare time, she likes to run outside, brew kombucha in her dorm, watch documentaries (namely those about food), and read devotionals or food non-fiction books.

Myung Chang Lee (Noah Lee) '18
Musical Pitch

Myung Chang Lee (Noah Lee) is a Biology major from Seoul, South Korea. As a baritone/bass, he has been a member of X.ado since his sophomore year, and he is currently serving as the Musical Director. He is also the President of Glee Club, Risk Manager for the Psi Epsilon Chapter of Zeta Psi, Research Assistant at the Havrda lab, Biology Resident Expert for West House, and Head of Research for the Dartmouth iGEM team. When he is not making awful lab puns or creating dank memes, he enjoys playing piano, going on long walks, and working out. He hopes to pursue a PhD degree in Biology with a focus on Cancer/Stem Cell fields following graduation.

Trevor Davis '18

Trevor is a computer science major from Raleigh, North Carolina. I'm addition to singing, he loves tech, running, and the outdoors! Trevor's been in X.ado since his freshman year, singing bass and sometimes beatboxing.

Fred Kim '17

Fred is a X.ado alumnus and a huge goofball. After finishing his tenure as X.ado's musical director, he graduated this past year and left us to our own devices. Partially because of work but mostly because of his girlfriend, Fred has chosen to stay in the Upper Valley area for the near future. At any given time, you can spot him either spending too much money at Hanover's Sushi Ya or in his fraternity, Tri-Kap, where he's prone to become inebriated and confess to X.ado's male members: "I would kiss you if you were a girl." Check out his YouTube channel, FredFluteMUSIC!

Meet our alumni

Tyné Freeman '17
Skye Herrick '17
Emmanuel Hui '17
Fred Kim '17
Kathy Li '17
Joy Shen '17
Matthew West '17

Kevin Figgins '16
Yoon Kim '16
Xanthe Kraft '16
Emma Menio '16
Dari Seo '16
Allison Wang '16
Joanne Zhao '16

Dan Fang '15
Hannah Jung '15
Sam Kim '15

Carolyn Chen '14
Lauren Gatewood '14
Hayden Kvamme '14
Thabo Matse '14
Kwame Ohene-Adu '14
Ellen Park '14
Samantha Victor '14
Rose Wang '14
Sarah Wang '14

Matt Harding '13
John Kim '13
Eunice Lee '13
Suiwen Liang '13
Tim Pang '13
Andrew Park '13
Connie Shang '13
Jamie Song '13
James Yoon '13
Melody Zhang '13

Sterling Beard '12
Arielle Cannon '12
Liz Faiella '12
Jen Freise '12
Nick Knezek '12
Deborah Lee '12
Christian Moore '12
Kevin Oh '12

Joseph Chu '11
Grace Johnson '11
Andrew Kang '11
Christabel Makokha '11
Sonia Yuen '11

Christine Chang '10
Dana Daugherty '10
James Hung '10
Jamie Hwang '10
Emily Porter '10
Wan Sng '10

Anna Becker '09
Dana Day '09
Julian Fung '09
Chris Lim '09
Kaite Yang '09
Brian Yu '09

Hannah Kim '08
Andrew Lee '08
Tom Shin '08
Taylor Thompson '08

Eric Ma '07
Jimmel Williams '07

Beatrice Hahn '06
Nathan Hamilton '06
Miriam Glaser '06
Kiku Langford '06
Walter Shin '06

Stacey Choi '05
Tory Fodder '05
Sae Jin Kim '05
Christine Schott '05
Holly Sedillos '05
Alan Sing '05
Denise Twum '05
Josh Valdez '05
Antonio Valla '05

Kathryn Adams '04
Amy Kim '04
Sharon Yoon '04

Christena Cleveland '03
Jared Daugherty '03
Darlene Hilburn '03
Alex Jordan '03
Rosa Kim '03
Lyh Rhen Lam '03
Marshall Lee '03
Brian Ni '03
Jessica Oei '03

John Baek '02
Jeannette Park '02
Ruthie Shek '02

Rich Baek '01
Janet Choi '01
Alison Fanelli GR '01
Balem Kim '01
Basil Kim '01
Dave Latham '01
Jennifer Lee '01
Flora Wan '01
Vanessa Wereko '01

Erica Cho '00
Peter Cho '00
Young Choi '00
Justin Pae '00
Neena Shin '00
Faye Teng'00
Andrea Wang Neuschwander '00

Monica Cha '99
Danielle Chang '99
Michael Kim '99
Emily Lam '99
Lisa Lee GS '99
Philip Levant '99
Josephine Nicholson '99
Anna Poplawski GS '99
Jeanne Sucharitaves '99

Ysabella Barnett '98
Melissa Cho '98
Joshua Chuang '98
Jeff Cummins '98
Jonathan Jun '98
Adin Kawate '98
David Lee '98
Martin Lee '98
Steve Park '98
Richard Sevilla '98

Sarah Hobson '97
Judy Yi '97

Mi Ryung An '96
Sarah Bivins '96
Jay Bruce '96
Paul Lim '96

Scott Lawrence '95
David Rinehart '95
Ashley Stedfield '95
Philip Yu '95

Susan Lee '94

Not on our list of X.ado alums? Contact us to be added to the mailing list!


X.ado has had the privilege to perform around the United States and even travel to other countries. Below are some of our favorite videos and recordings of us making music. Check out our YouTube Channel for more!


And Can It Be
Angels We Have Heard On High
All I Want For Christmas Is You, Jesus
Baba Yetu
By Your Side
Change In My Life
Don't You Worry Child / Demons Mashup
Fix You
Gabriel's Oboe
Here I Go
Joyful Joyful
Joy To The World
Let It Breathe
O Holy Night
One Candle
Only Hope
Mary Did You Know
Russian Roulette (Modified)
The Lord Bless You (TLBY)
The Reason Is You / Nothing Really Matters Mashup
This Little Light
When You Believe
Wonderful World
You'll Be In My Heart


Fix You (Spring 2017)

Freedom (Spring 2017)

Run To You (Spring 2017)

Let It Breathe (Winter 2017)

You'll Be In My Heart (Winter 2017)

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