Learning and the Brain

Photo of G. Christian JernstedtG. Christian Jernstedt
Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences; Adjunct Professor of Community and Family Medicine; Director, Center for Educational Outcomes, Dartmouth College

One of the themes that emerges from the study of the human brain is the enormous potential that resides within each one of us. We will very briefly reflect on who we are as learners and consider a few implications of this for education. We are thinking and learning beings. What is this process of learning like for human beings? What are the most important characteristics of the process of learning?


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About G. Christian Jernstedt

Dr. Jernstedt teaches courses on learning and learning theory, evaluation research and experimental methods, teaching methods, and philosophy of science. He lectures throughout the country on learning and teaching, potentials of the human mind, educational technology, and institutional development. His research, in the area of learning as it occurs both in formal classroom settings and in the natural environment, is directed towards understanding the cognitive, behavioral, and affective precursors, concomitants, and outcomes of learning experiences, including classroom and other intentional learning, the training of physicians, long-term adult behavior change, technologically enhanced learning, and service-learning. The Center for Educational Outcomes, which he directs, has pioneered the effective use of electronically-supported teaching and learning, currently focusing on wireless access to learning activities designed to build competence. The Center develops technological tools for the design, implementation, and evaluation of education, with a goal of providing systems of continuing assessment and quality improvement for educational institutions.