World Usability Day New England

Where and When?

The Usability Professionals' Association is organizing World Usability Day on November 3, 2005 to promote ease of use in design. Events will be held at locations around the world with the goal of increasing awareness of the importance of usability and user-centered design.

Dartmouth College and Landmark College are jointly organizing a conference with the theme, "universal usability to enhance learning, effectiveness, and understanding across people of all abilities." World Usability Day New England will focus on universal usability as applied to teaching and learning, with topics including instructional design, curriculum development, and web design. On-site participation will be limited to 30-40 participants, allowing a focused discussion of the challenges and opportunities of providing universal access to learning. Off-site participation will also be possible via teleconferencing.

World Usability Color Survey

In celebration of World Usability Day, we invite you to join in with thousands of others worldwide to demonstrate an aspect of the science of usability in a fun way. You can help us with a fascinating cultural question: what colors would you associate with different types of web sites, such as banking, healthcare, and news?

On November 3, 2005, please go to Human Factors International's Color Survey and complete the brief survey. This survey will be operational during the entire 36-hour global celebration period. After the survey is complete, the results will be analyzed and discussed in Human Factors International's monthly eNewsletter. Thank you for participating!