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Sexualities Lecture Series Recap

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Sexualities Lecture Series 2012 for helping to make it such a success. 

If you missed a lecture or would like to see one again, please stop by our office where we have DVD copies available for viewing. 

And, as always, please email us with your questions, concerns or other thoughts!

Introduction to the purpose of the Sexualities Lecture Series by Lynn Higgins, Associate Dean of International and Interdisciplinary Studies at Dartmouth College.
Though remotely located, she explains, Dartmouth engages great thinkers in deep discussions on a wide variety of topics regarding gender and its intersection with a great variety of disciplines.


Closing comments by WGST chair Annabel Martín recapping the exciting month we shared with scholars, students and lifelong learners. 

Last Updated: 10/5/12