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Independent Study Guidelines


Fall Term Independent Study
Winter Term Independent Study
Spring Term Independent Study
Summer Term Independent Study

4th week of classes, summer term
4th week of classes, fall term
4th week of classes, winter term
4th week of classes, spring term

Proposals and acocmpanying materials should be submitted to the WGST Program Office (2 Carpenter Hall) by the required deadlines.


  1. A draft of your proposal should be shown to your advisor before submitting it to the Women's and Gender Studies Program. Effective proposals are brief and clear (abstracts are 1-2 pages) and should include the following:
  2. A clear statement of the topic
  3. Mention of the texts you plan to include
  4. Your approach: questions you plan to ask; methodology; theoretical framework.
  5. The relationship of the topic to the courses you have taken or to your major; what prepares you for this project.
  6. Any anticipated conclusions.

The Following Additional Materials Must Accompany Proposals:

  • Selected annotated bibliography (A list of reading you need to do to address the topic, i.e. background reading, criticism, historical sources, etc. (10-15 books and articles)
  • Term you plan to take WGST 85
  • Advisor endorsement form (see separate form)
  • Course Profile (see separate form)
  • NOTE: Topics requiring approval from the Human Subjects office are not appropriate for one-term projects.
  • NOTE: WGST 85 materials may be sent to the Program Coordinator, Cristen Brooks, by e-mail.

The Steering Committee (and/or the Women's and Gender Studies Chair and Coordinator) will review and comment on the proposal and bibliography in a timely manner. The Program may ask students to revise and resubmit proposals if necessary. If you have any questions, please call (6-2722), blitz Cristen Brooks, or stop by the office.

Accompanying Materials

Printable version of guidelines
Advisor Endorsement Form
Student Course Profile

Last Updated: 10/20/10