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Julia Rabig


Lecturer, Women's and Gender Studies

Julia Rabig earned a Ph.D. in history from the University of Pennsylvania and completed post-doctoral fellowships at the Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African American Studies at the University of Rochester. She has also taught in the African American Studies Program at Boston University and in the Black Studies Department at Amherst College. She is currently lecture in the MALS program at Dartmouth College.



When and why do social movements coalesce to produce dramatic change? How are social movements institutionalized and what is gained and lost in that process? What happens in their aftermath? These are questions that animate my scholarship and teaching. My research encompasses African American history, urban and gender studies, and globalization. I'm revising a manuscript on the relationship between the Black Freedom Movement, community economic development, and urban neoliberalism since the 1960s.

Recent Publications

  • The Business of Black Power: Corporate Responsibility, Community Development, and Capitalism in Post-War America, edited by Laura Warren Hill and Julia Rabig, University of Rochester Press, 2012
  • "An Explosion in the 'Laboratory of Democracy,'"Black Power at Work,edited by David Goldberg and Trevor Griffey, Cornell University Press, 2010.
  • "What's the Matter with Newark?" Shelterforce, Journal of the National Housing Institute, Fall 2008.

Courses taught for WGST:

  • WGST 10 Sex, Gender, and Society
  • WGST 33.6 Women and Suburbia
  • WGST 37.5 Gender and Urban Transformation

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