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Spring 07

WGST 07/First Year Seminar: Visual Cultures and Gender

What role do vision and visuality play in constituting gender? In pursuing answers to this question, this course considers various ways in which the visual arts gender subjects. Considering structures of artistic production, the representation of bodies, and patterns of viewing, students explore various approaches to the visual cultures of gender, through detailed examination of canonical paintings, sculptures, and photographs, but also of various popular media, including print advertisements, film, and TV. Dist: ART. WCult: W.

Professor Randolph

WGST 16/Contemporary Issues in Feminism

This course explores the theoretical underpinnings of some of the most highly contested issues in society today. We will look at a spectrum of positions on such issues as: questions of difference and equality; women’s health and reproductive rights; identity and identity politics; morality-pornography-violence; eco-feminism-environmentalism; children, family, and human rights; and the representation/performance of femininity/masculinity. Special emphasis will be placed on the connection between theory and practice.
Open to all students. Dist: SOC. Class of 2008 and later: WCult: CI..

Professor Martin

WGST 25.1/HIST 95/AAAS 96 Marriage and Divorce in the African Context

Marriage was the widely expected norm for men and women within African societies.  The institution was an important marker of adulthood and it linked individuals and lineages in a network of mutual cooperation and support.  This course explores marriage and divorce from the pre-colonial to the post-colonial eras.  Using examples from East, West and Southern Africa, it highlights women’s agency, masculinity, and changing gender relations of power as the political economies of African societies transformed.
Open to all students. Dist: SOC. WCult: NW.

Professor Byfield

WGST 44.1/AAAS 66/REL 52 Women's Rituals: In Africa and Around the World

This course has been canceled

WGST 51.3/ ENGL 62 Animals and Women in Literature

What do stories about animals tell us about the treatment of women in Western society? What do stories about women tell us about the treatment of animals in Western society? In this course, we will examine the philosophical traditions that associate women with animals, and will interrogate women’s complex response to those associations. We will read literary alongside religious and philosophical texts, and draw on current schools of critical thought such as ecofeminism to develop an understanding of these issues. Open to all students. Open to all students. Dist. LIT. Class of 2008 and later: WCult: CI.

Professor Boggs

Associated WGST Courses

ARTH 48/Gender, Race and Politics in 18th Century Art

Professor O'Rourke

Education 62/Adolescent Development

Professor Garrod

FREN 75/Women Filmmakers in the French Tradition

Professor Higgins

LATS 51/ Beyond Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll: Radical Latinos in the 60's

Professor Spitta

Spanish 72/ Latin American and Latino/a Women

Professor Spitta

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