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You can get a mentor who is a professional scientist or engineer in industry or government through MentorNet. Apply online at at anytime during the year. Open to Dartmouth men and women undergraduates, graduates, post docs and junior faculty.

Women in Science Project
6243 Parker House, 2nd floor
(Located in a two-story white frame house)
Hanover, NH
Phone: (603) 646-3690
Email: WISP@Dartmouth.EDU
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Visiting Scientists

Visiting women scientists provide inspiration, encouragement, and serve as role models, plus they offer candid answers to students’ questions about issues that don’t come up in classrooms, e.g., combining careers with marriage and families.

Window Snyder, a visiting scientistEach term, students have an opportunity to meet with inspiring and articulate scientists both in traditional public forums and also in small, informal settings arranged through WISP. The best conversations often occur over a meal where interested students can hear the presenters’ personal perspectives on career paths, personal challenges, and strategies for success. Nearly 100 women scientists and engineers have enriched Dartmouth students’ time at Dartmouth since 1990. Recent visitors have included Martha Pollack D ‘79, Window Snyder, and Ginny Eckert D ‘90. For more information on their presentations, please visit WISP’s event archive.

Indicative of the collaborative spirit of the Dartmouth community and the broad acceptance WISP enjoys, it is common for other departments bringing visiting lecturers to campus to “share” their visitors with WISP students. Please contact the WISP office if you are planning on bringing a woman scientist to campus as a colloquium speaker. We would love to work with you.

Last Updated: 11/3/10