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Women in Science Project
6243 Parker House
Hanover, NH 03755

Phone: 603-646-3690

Faculty Research Mentors

The purpose of WISP's Research Internship Program is to provide meaningful research experiences that will positively impact the retention of young women who have expressed an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The program focuses on first year (and some second year) students because of their high motivation, but also their high potential for attrition from the sciences. It is specifically for women students because their overall attrition rate from STEM disciplines continues to be higher than that of their male peers. First-year women are eligible for research internships in any science discipline. Sophomores can apply for research internships in chemistry, computer science, engineering, math, and physics. Student interns are paid hourly wages for two terms of part-time research with a faculty mentor.

Who is eligible to be a WISP research mentor?

The WISP research internship program is sustained by committed faculty mentors (new and experienced) who are willing to work closely with these young women and carefully guide and support them though one of their first research experiences. All tenured, tenure-track, and research-track faculty at the college and professional schools are eligible to supervise undergraduates in research. The category of research-track faculty includes research assistant professors, research associate professors, and research professors. For faculty affiliated with the Geisel School of Medicine, those with the titles of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Full Professor are also eligible to supervise undergraduates in research. Those with other types of appointments at the college or professional schools may supervise undergraduates with approval from the relevant department or program chair, director, or dean. Examples of other types of appointments include: visiting faculty, adjunct faculty, emeritus faculty, lecturers, senior lecturers, instructors, and post-doctoral scholars. For WISP, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows may serve as assistant research mentors in collaboration with a faculty research mentor. Faculty mentors may be in any of the following:

  • Dartmouth A&S science departments
    • Including environmental studies, physical anthropology, physical geography, neuroscience, and cognitive science.
  • Thayer School of Engineering
  • Geisel School of Medicine
  • Some researchers from external organizations may be eligible to serve as research mentors (e.g. U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory - CRREL)

Interested in being a WISP research mentor?

NOTE:  student and faculty participation in the WISP Research Internship Program involves a matching process.  Students who are already working with faculty and want to continue that work are not eligible for WISP funding.  However, they may participate in the program if the faculty mentor has funds to pay their wages.

Funding note: WISP is able to fund a limited number of interns per year.  We encourage any faculty mentors who have research funding available to support their own intern(s) so that more students can participate in the program. Mentors who do not have funding to pay interns are still invited to participate, and WISP will fund one intern per mentor up to the limits of our budget. Mentors who wish to work with a second intern must support that student’s wages.

Last Updated: 3/14/16